Magnitude 6.9 earthquake jolted South Philippines, Adventists among those affected

According to initial reports, no fatalities were recorded but some church buildings and a few houses are now considered condemned and inhabitable because of safety reasons.

In addition, two buildings inside the South Philippine Adventist College campus were also greatly affected: The Senior High School building and the Adventist World Radio Hope Radio. 

The main building which housed the administrative, business, and operational offices will also need major renovation to make it functional for operations.

Roads going to Magsaysay were closed due to heavy cracks in the earth and concrete pavement, including the main bridge connecting the main road to the inner barangays of this agricultural town. Initial report stated there were 10 families whose houses were totally destroyed, while 41 homes were partially damaged. Eight local Adventist churches were also damaged due to the recent earthquake.

The Adventist church in the Southern Asia-Pacific region located in the Northern Philippines seeks for prayers for the families greatly affected by this natural calamity. The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in the Philippines is now coordinating with local officials to identify and asses primary needs of citizens of Davao.

In the series of earthquakes that happened in the South Philippines, ADRA Philippines responded and helped more than 4900 families who were impacted by the earthquake. Primary needs like emergency shelter repair kits, food, beddings, and financial assistance were given to families to assist in their immediate needs.

"At the moment, our ADRA personnel is currently in Davao coordinating with local government units to conduct assessment and to identify needs beneficial for those affected by the earthquake," said Aimee Tapeceria, PR and Marketing officer of ADRA Philippines

After assessment, ADRA Philippines aims to distribute more emergency kits to help citizens meet their basic necessities while in this time of displacement. If you would like to help and extend assistance to families affected by this disaster you can contact ADRA Philippines office at


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