Man is baptized after finding DVD “The Great Conflict” in the garbage


Antonio Soto’s testimony was made known during the 2019 “Holy Week” evangelism project at the Alvarez de Toledo Adventist Church in Santiago de Chile

May 04, 2019
/ Angela Arias
/ Santiago, Chile

Man is baptized after finding DVD “The Great Conflict” in the garbage[Photo courtesy of the South American Division]

This is the story of Antonio Soto, 58, a man who, for 19 years, studied the Bible with a DVD he found in the trash. "I worked in a cleaning company, in the San Joaquin district of Santiago, Chile, and it was very expensive. I picked up some DVDs and one caught my attention because it said “The Great Conflict,” Soto said.

"I started watching the DVD and I liked everything that Pastor Luís Gonçalves spoke about. Inside me I felt that God was speaking to me,” Soto continued. “I was very moved by his way of speaking. My mother was evangelical, she could not read or write, and I read her the Bible.” 

After several years of studying the Bible and going through many personal problems, he found Nuevo Tiempo, the Adventist Church’s Spanish speaking television channel in South America. There, Pastor Gonçalves invited him to attend an Adventist church. "Everything began to change,” said Soto. “My character, I no longer drank alcohol, I did not smoke, I did not go to parties.”

Soto began going to church, then to a small group and started getting Bible studies from Francisco Brillante, the biblical instructor who had discovered his story.

On Saturday, April 20, at the close of the Holy Week evangelism campaign at the Álvarez de Toledo Seventh-day Adventist Church, Antonio Soto gave his life to Christ through baptism

Holy Week Project 2019 in Chile

Like Antonio, many lives were reborn during the Holy Week evangelism. This project is aimed to remember the sacrifice, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ on behalf of humanity through the proclamation of the Word of God in the different Seventh-day Adventist Churches across South America.


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