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Mango Avenue revival results in baptism


Minister Reuben Sanai (standing right) with the 17 baptised members.

Seventeen people were baptised following a week-long revival meeting (July 9-14) at Mango Avenue Church in Port Moresby.

The theme for the meeting was “Lest We Forget”, with Kanudi church minister Vincent Ani preaching to an almost-packed audience on the Holy spirit’s attributes and influences. The evening messages were filled with inspirational truths from the Bible that challenged members to accept the calling of God. Topics included “Holy Spirit and Believers”, “Holy Spirit and Unity”, “Spirit-filled Christians” and “Holy Spirit and Baptism”.

Minister Ani also hosted a special segment called “Kids’ Kona”, which drew lessons from interesting subjects, such as the praying mantis and geese that drew young minds to God’s love as revealed in the Bible and nature.

Friday evening’s baptism was made even more special by an unexpected natural phenomenon. While the rest of Port Moresby experienced dry weather, rain started to fall around Mango Avenue as the 17 candidates prepared for baptism with Senior Pastor Gideon Aguzi. An appearance of a white dove flying amidst the light precipitation once the baptism commenced only added to the spectacle.

The revival meeting ended on Sabbath with Minister Ani summarising the theme of the week under the topic “Remember Me (Jesus)”. The sermon commemorated the Lord’s Supper in front of the over-packed audience. Members from the four branch churches of Mango Avenue, plus visitors, were present to partake in the communion service.

Minister Ani said he was pleased with the blessing of the Holy Spirit’s outpouring. When thanking the Mango Avenue church, he shared the preaching materials for those interested in carrying on the work.

McValen Kaminiel is Communication Leader for Mango Avenue Church, Port Moresby.

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