Montemorelos University is recognized for contribution to health during International Congress

Jun 13, 2019  |  Montemorelos, Mexico  | 

Montemorelos University is recognized for contribution to health during International Congress

Dr. Ismael Castillo (second from right), president of Montemorelos University and president of the state network of health promoting universities, leads during a discussion session, May 21-24, 2019. [Photo: Montemorelos University[

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Montemorelos University leaders were recently presented with a first-place win for their research findings of a study that will contribute to the international health community network around the world. The recognition came during this year’s IX Ibero-American Congress of Health Promoting Universities in Monterrey, Mexico, held May 21-23

Montemorelos professors were among 340 individuals from 18 countries in Europe, Latin American and different public and private institutions. The academic event saw more than 200 presentations, research contributions and initiatives that can lead agreements in political, social, and university environments for health and well-being in many countries.

Dr. Esteban Quiyono, professor in the graduate school at Montemorelos University and member of the technical spiritual health committee, led the presentation that took the win. Other Montemorelos University professors and administrators presented during the conference.

The congress offered a platform to showcase advances by the network of universities that promote health. The event also highlighted solutions regarding challenges posed by sustainable development objectives, the challenges of health promotion, sustainable development on university campuses, university policies favorable to health, among others.

Through its research, Montemorelos university presented research on the validation of the spiritual health scale as part of an added element of the “I Want to Be Healthy” initiative that has been recognized and practiced internationally.  The “I Want To Live Healthy” initiative consists of the eight steps to living a healthy lifestyle: drinking water, keeping a positive attitude, eating salads, exercising, resting, avoiding poor foods, eating a better breakfast, less dinners and promoting happiness.

“We have reached the first stage of this research project,” said Dr. Roel Cea, director of health promoting universities in Mexico at Montemorelos University. “The Spiritual Health Scale research was developed in the frame of the biblical cosmovision, writings of Ellen G. White, and what science explains about this concept.”


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