More than 200 children participate in health summit in Ukraine


July 19, 2019
/ Lugansk, Ukraine
/ Elena Bakhmat

More than 200 children participate in health summit in Ukraine[Photo courtesy of the Euro-Asia Division]

Youth from the Lugansk Seventh-day Adventist church and other faith communities recently organized and conducted “Land of Health,” a children’s health summit, in the city of Lugansk, Ukraine. The young people attended training seminars prior to the event on how to effectively run a children’s health program.

The program took place at the city center in Komsomol Park, sponsored by Exod-Lugansk, a charitable organization. Approximately 210 children visited the eight “Health Countries”—thematic stations that corresponded to the eight principles of a healthy lifestyle. 

Program instructors eagerly introduced the children to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through visual and physical methods, including a cross-tunnel, a funny Squirrel in a Wheel game, jumping on trampolines and a playing a parachute game.

 After passing the health stations, each child received a prize for participation: juice and a “Land of Health” magnet. Guests were impressed by the health summit; many expressed gratitude to the young organizers and requested that they hold another event soon. 

This article was originally posted on the Euro-Asia Division’s news site


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