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In early April, Alexander and Tatiana Sakharov, Family Ministries leaders for the Caucasian Union Mission, conducted an evangelistic outreach for youth and married couples in the Sochi, Russia, community.


Local church members prepared in advance for the event, praying earnestly before and during the program and distributing invitations to their friends and neighbors. As they worked together to achieve the same goal, members grew close to one another. 


The program consisted of two parts. The first part, “Crossroads: How to not ‘drain’ life,” was for teenagers and young people. Themes were especially designed to address important decisions that youth are making now that will affect them in the future. 


The Sakharov’s discussed the following topics with young attendees: 

1. Understanding yourself

2. How to find your way

3. Why Adventists?

4. Love or a battle for survival?


Participants were seated around tables in a comfortable environment to encourage interaction. 


The second part of the program called “Moving Up” was for adults. Held every evening at 7 p.m., the time was divided into two parts: family relationships and Bible truths. 


During the family relationship portion, Tatyana gave practical and tangible steps for how to raise children, solve conflict between spouses, and treat a marriage partner. She shared personal experiences from her role as a wife and mother, as well as from her expertise as a psychologist. 


In the second part of the meeting, Pastor Alexander shared Bible truths. He discussed how to be successful and how to set goals and accomplish them. Attendees heard stories of biblical characters who were indisputable examples of determination, courage, and strength.


During the last meeting, when he appealed for further Bible study, nine young people and four adults requested continuing studies, and more than fifty people chose to implement change in at least one area of their life.


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