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Multiple launch for Hope Channel Sweden


jun 12 2018
Stockholm, Sweden

Multiple launch for Hope Channel Sweden

[Photo courtesy of Hope Channel Sweden/Trans-European Division]

On February 10, 2018, Seventh-day Adventist churches in Sweden celebrated the official premiere of Hope Channel Sweden. Rather than having a grand opening ceremony at some fancy media center, the celebration was held across all the local congregations.

Church members celebrated with balloons and drank juice served in cups with the Hope Channel logo. They also received Hope Channel promotional material that they can share with their friends. The rational is that Hope Channel Sweden will become an integral part of local church activities.

Hope Channel Sweden is a web-based channel as that is the viewing format used by most Swedes. With limited personnel in the media department, the station will primarily offer subtitled programs from the Hope Channel network.  However, as plans develop the team also hope to start producing home-grown video material as well.  

Content focuses on four platforms:  Watch, Listen, Read and Learn. The station not only offers visual programming, but also produces a variety of podcasts and audiobooks.

Since the theme for 2018 in Sweden is “With Jesus in My Heart”, they have created three different series of daily podcasts (3-5 minutes each) in order to help our members of all ages grow in their relationship with Jesus. In addition, there are articles and books that can be downloaded if someone wants to learn more and study a subject further. Future development includes using Hope Channel as a means of studying various Bible topics together.

Swedish members are happy and proud to be a part of the Hope Channel network and look forward to seeing God´s guidance in their work.


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