NAD Leaders Pack 20,000 Meals to Help Stop Hunger Now


by Dan Weber
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 Group photo (more photos below story) – Photos by Dan Weber 

On the evening of December 12, 2015, the leadership of the North American Division, along with their extended families packed more than 20,000 meals for hungry people around the world. Sponsored by Stop Hunger Now, a non-profit group based in Pittsburg, Pa., the 20,000 meals will be packaged together with meals packed by other groups and shipped in containers that hold 285,000 meals at a time. Stop Hunger Now works in more than 70 countries and the meals will go to feeding programs and orphanages that are coordinated by their partners.
The meals consisted of rice, dried vegetables, vitamin packets and dried vegetable protein, which were put into bags that feed six people at a time. The packaged food has a shelf life of two years once it is assembled. All that is needed to prepare the meal is access to boiling water, making it very simple to quickly provide nutritious food to those in need. The meals will reach their intended destinations with in the next six months.
To assemble the meals, attendees of the leadership retreat, gathered at large tables that were set up to manage the filling of the meal bags. Teams were set up to fill, weigh, seal and box the meals. NAD leaders and their family members dove right into the assembly process and a gong was rung every time 2,000 meals were packed. It had been estimated that it would take roughly two hours to fill all the meal bags, but the teams were able to reach their goal in only 90 minutes.

Paul Anderson, Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries Director NAD President, Dan Jackson Arne Nielsen, Director, Secondary Education/Accreditation
L-R: Mrs. Teen (Arne) Nielsen; John Mathews, Stewardship Director;
Raymond Jimenez III, Retirement Assoc. Administrator;
Sharon Mabena, Assoc. Treasurer


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