Next week, Friday 3 February 2017, sees the start of a rescheduling of new times for Adventist TV on the Sky platform with Revelation TV on channel 581 and on Freesat 692.

Programmes will now be aired twice a week at peak times 8:00 pm on Friday and 2:00 pm on Sunday afternoon. Programmes featured will be a e Church, as well as interview programmes of Seventh-day Adventists around the country who have a faith-based story to share. In addition to this we will be airing programmes on prophetic teaching, sermons, RevelationTVLogo3as well as talk shows on health, family life and educational issues.

The twice a week programmes will continue throughout the year, with the Friday evening slot suitable for Sabbath viewing and the Sunday afternoon slot reaching a peak audience for those of different denominations and individuals looking for a spiritual programme to enhance their understanding of God.

In addition to the Sky terrestrial programme slots, our very own Hope TV UK has been relaunched with a brand-new website found here. This provides Adventists in the UK and those around the world with 24/7 TV programming. In addition to the website, Hope TV UK can also be available via the Roku Stick that can be purchased at most electronic stores and inserted in the back of the TV. With the Roku, there is no need for a satellite dish or monthly fees. Programmes are streamed via your wi-fi and are completely free of charge.

Hope Channel HopeChannel-horizontalis also available on your smartphone or tablet devise by downloading the Hope Channel application.

The vision for BUC Media is that ‘continued developments will be made in the future using various media platforms available, to provide quality programing to church and non-members within the UK and abroad, that will engage, inform, and inspire’.



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