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New Creation Sabbath website and branding


New website has new material ahead of Creation Sabbath on October 27.

October 01, 2018

GeoScience Research Institute

New Creation Sabbath website and branding

[Photo courtesy of GeoScience Research Institute]

What is Creation Sabbath? How can my church celebrate Creation Sabbath? When is Creation Sabbath this year? The answers to these questions are not secrets, they are available for the world to see at the newly revamped creationsabbath.net website. The fresh look of creationsabbath.net was designed by Types & Symbols using the Adventist Identity System they developed with the General Conference Communication Department. The page layout is constructed around seven columns, six columns for content, and one column for rest—just like the Creation week.

Ivan Ruiz-Knott was one of the chief designers on both the webpage and the overall branding strategy: “We considered a number of different options, but I’m really pleased we settled on this one, which we called ‘Focusing on Creation.’ it is both graphically compelling and conveys something important.” 

Mark Cook, a principal designer at Types & Symbols, described “Focusing on Creation” as, “built around a bold graphic treatment  that creates a strong focal point for photography. Built on the shape of the letter C, for ‘Creation,’ the negative space forms a circle, suggesting the shape of planet earth through the contrast and the colors used.”

“I love this ‘Focusing on Creation’ branding strategy for Creation Sabbath,” says Dr. Timothy Standish, of the Geoscience Research Institute (GRI). “GRI is about science, and there is a tremendous beauty to that, but it is wonderful to see such an attractive branding strategy for what has to be among the most important Sabbaths of each year. Yes, every Sabbath was given to us by our Creator to celebrate His wonderful creation, but Creation Sabbath is a special opportunity to remind ourselves of the central purpose of the Sabbath. More than that, this is a special day to share the call to worship the Creator, which is at the center of the everlasting gospel (Revelation 14:6,7); ‘Focusing on Creation’ indeed!” 

There are three elements that people may see in the “Focusing on Creation” branding: 

1.     A broken circle – While a circle symbolizes perfection, the break in the “Focusing on Creation” circle—that makes it a “C” —symbolizes the fact that the original creation, which God called “very good,” is now broken and Christians look forward to the time when our Creator makes “all things new” (Revelation 21:5).

2.     The position of the break in the circle symbolizes evening, the time at which days end and new days begin in the biblical documentation of creation as recorded in Genesis 1.

3.     The space inside the “C” resembles a magnifying glass with the “break” as the handle, illustrating the Bible’s invitation to examine and rejoice in what God has done.

At creationsabbath.net visitors can not only see the “Focusing on Creation” branding, they can find templates to use for bulletins, bulletin inserts and posters promoting Creation Sabbath. These and the abundant other resources at creationsabbath.net provide the easiest path possible for all churches to celebrate Creation Sabbath on October 27.  

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