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New Hope Channel starts broadcasting in France


ene 24 2018
Paris, France

New Hope Channel starts broadcasting in France

Saturday, January 13, was “Sabbat de l’Union”, or “Saturday of the Union” for the Franco-Belgian Union and marked the first official broadcast of Hope Channel France (HCF). During this time, five pastors spoke about their careers and how they live their lives for Christ. The program was attended by members of the Franco-Belgian church and those connected to the start of Hope Channel France.

The Secretary General of the Franco-Belgian Union, Jean-Paul Barquon, explained the reasons for starting the new Adventist channel. HCF is one of 43 branches of Hope Channel, the official broadcast network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which is transmitted around the world in 39 languages. 

HCF broadcasts in French under the direction of Jethro Camille. The mission is to share the good news of the gospel and help people understand different biblical messages. The programs inspire Christian faith, people with spirituality, health, family, the Adventist Church and questions within Christianity.

With 20% of the population in France saying they are atheists, only the Czech Republic and former East Germany have a higher rate of unbelievers.

Confirmed atheism is someone who does not believe in God. Some have gone so far as to copy religious rites to create forms of religion without God: this is the case of the Sunday Assembly, started in London, and exists in a number of large cities, including Paris. Hundreds of people assemble on Sundays — sing, meet, and read philosophical texts. Atheism then, becomes a form of religion. In some countries, it is equivalent to a recognized religion. In Belgium, for example, where religions are subsidized by the state, atheism benefits from state aid and status.

In France, atheism is not necessarily on the rise, but it is religious indifference that is gaining momentum. In France there two minority groups,  atheists (15%) and the practicing Christian believers (10%).  In between the two, there is an ever growing undetermined space, called “nones,” according to the experts.

It is for those people indifferent to religion that some Hope Channel-France programs are organized according to Jean-Paul Barquon, responsible for the French-Belgian Union Communications Department. 

The programs of the 43 branches around the world are adapted to the local culture and broadcast in many languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, German, Romanian, Mandarin, Russian, Tamil, Hindi. Ukrainian, Arabic, Farsi and Telugu. There are many ways to watch Hope Channel programs!

Hope channel France can be seen on: hopechannel.fr


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