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New Year’s program for youth held in Armenia


ene 16 2018
Yerevan, Armenia

New Year’s program for youth held in Armenia

[Photo courtesy of the Euro-Asia Division]

On December 24, the Adventist Church in Yerevan, Aremnia hosted a New Year program for youth.  About 85 people from all regions of Armenia took part in the event. 30% of those present at the feast were not members of the Adventist Church, but they all noted the atmosphere of the evening was very friendly and warm. Now they are looking forward to the next youth event.

The evening was opened by the song “Silent Night” which was performed by the youth choir “Agape” and the staging of several scenes from the birth of Christ. During the evening, many interesting performances were presented including a youth quartet, intellectual team play, as well as entertaining games in which all the guests took part. The evening was attended by the youth director of the Trans-Caucasian Union of Churches, Araik Karapetyan, who talked with the youth about topics of relevance to them.

One girl who learned about the New Year’s program through the initiative “Oasis of Hope” (continuation of the project “Good News Cafe”), recognized that she was very comfortable being among the Christian youth. She also liked the warmth she felt from all the people in the church. She showed a desire to attend church to get to know God more.

“The program of the evening was rich and exciting, and the design of the hall was fabulous!” – noted the guests of the evening.

Thank God that He blessed this event and for all the blessings that everyone received.


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