Newbold College of Higher Education Acknowledge ‘Past and Present Wrongs Perpetrated on Racial Grounds’ :: Adventist Church in UK and Ireland

Newbold College of Higher Education Acknowledge 'Past and Present Wrongs Perpetrated on Racial Grounds' :: Adventist Church in UK and Ireland

This week, on Wednesday 17 June, Newbold’s Principal John Baildam, published a bold and comprehensive statement addressing racism that he acknowledged has been evident at the College of Higher Education in the past and in present times. Prior to John Baildam’s statement, the Newbold website begins with the words: “Racial Injustice: No More. We have shown our solidarity. Now, we have a job to do. It is time to apologise. It is time to hold ourselves accountable. It is time to vow change for a better future.”

John Baildam’s statement in full can be seen below: –

Official College Statement

Since the ‘Black Lives Matter’ statement which I made recently in the light of the killing of George Floyd, we have been shocked and disappointed to hear from current students, staff and alumni of unacceptable incidents of racism and discrimination at Newbold College of Higher Education. I am grateful to those of you who have so courageously and bravely taken the time to communicate your feelings of pain and hurt with us. This has been no easy thing to do. We have let you down, and we will strive to put things right.

The current watershed has given us all pause for ongoing thought as we reflect on your distress and suffering, which we wish to recognise openly and properly. While we cannot re-write our College’s history, together we can all help to shape its future. We acknowledge past and present wrongs perpetrated on racial grounds, while reiterating that racist or discriminatory behaviour is not in harmony with God’s ideal. We are sorry for all failures in this regard on the part of the College, and we ask for forgiveness for every heartache or anguish caused or felt.


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