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Nuevo Tiempo Paraguay optimizes the attention of those interested in the Biblical School :Adventist News Online


S eventh-day Adventists in the South American nation of Paraguay are making meaningful connections despite a global pandemic that’s enforced quarantine on millions. Using digital media, church members and pastors share Bible studies online and then offer direct, personal follow-up.

The Adventist Church’s Digital Bible School in Paraguay has created a web portal that connects Bible stakeholders and district pastors. Visitors to hope.org.py can access all the tools that this portal offers.

“The project came up with the idea of helping the pastoral ministry to optimize the time dedicated to caring for those interested who arrive through the Nuevo Tiempo (New Time) networks. In the same way, this system helps those interested to achieve faster and more effective attention in their search for the knowledge of Christ,” said Pastor Yeison Montoya, Bible School director.

“The system for those interested in Radio and TV Nuevo Tiempo is simple and direct. In this way, we will be able to provide the ideal attention to each of those interested in studying the Bible and being baptized. The goal is to serve them in 24 hours,” said Pastor Evandro Fávero, president of the Adventist Church in the country.

Hope with just one click

In order to get in touch with a pastor, a user must share personal information via a secure form. Users give their full name, cell phone number, address, and the city from where the Nuevo Tiempo programming originates. Once the user clicks “confirm,” an instant message sends the contact information to a district pastor.

By visiting the student and taking the corresponding courses, the pastor can register the delivery of the Bible course or schedule their baptism. In addition, the system offers the possibility of uploading a photo as proof of the service provided.

Esperanza.org.py was launched at the Ministerial Assembly of the Paraguayan Union. This tool was used to support evangelism in Macedonia 1, where a large number of people have already requested Bible courses and their baptism by this means; and, currently, they are already being visited by the shepherds closest to their locality.

“This care system expresses a total commitment to the church and the relationship of Nuevo Tiempo with our friends who want to study the Word of God through our Bible courses,” said Pastor Jorge Rampogna, director of TV Nuevo Tiempo.

After using the new tool, Pastor Milton Wasiuk, who serves a large number of radio listeners, shares his experience: “One of the advantages of this system is that you can access it from your cell phone or computer. You can also share stakeholder contacts with local Bible workers with a single click. I thank God for this tool that will help us to be more assertive and effective in the task of caring for people, ” he said.

Natalia Meza Estigarribia studied the Bible with Esperanza (Nuevo Tiempo’s virtual assistant) and participated in evangelism in Macedonia; she registered her decision through the website esperanza.org.py and Pastor Lionel Celano was immediately notified, responding in less than 24 hours. A missionary sister from the Colmena church accompanied her in the preparation for her baptism. On September 19, Pastor Evandro Fávero baptized Natalia.

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