Nuevo Tiempo TV Comes to Smart TVs through Global App


Nuevo Tiempo Chile, featuring radio, television, and videos produced by Nuevo Tiempo, will be available on some smart TV brands.

December 11, 2018
/ Chile, South America Division
/ Angela Arias

Nuevo Tiempo TV Comes to Smart TVs through Global App[Photo courtesy of the South American Division]

On June 1, 2017, Nuevo Tiempo signed a contract with Foxxum, the German international company that provides the app ecosystem (App Store) for certain brands of smart TVs. The company was tasked with creating  an app for Nuevo Tiempo to include TV signal, radio Nuevo Tiempo Chile signal, and videos content produced by Nuevo Tiempo Chile.

After months of development and testing, the app is available for smart TVs. "For us, as a team, it is a great joy and privilege to work with Foxxum, which develops apps for a significant range of smart TV brands. It is a privilege and also a tremendous opportunity to be a click away from people, bringing them the gospel of salvation," said Tomás Parra, president of Nuevo Tiempo in the Chilean territory.

Likewise, Foxxum’s Executive Vice President for Latin America commented what it meant for the entity to work with Red Nuevo Tiempo in the development of this app: "We are very happy with the agreement signed with Nuevo Tiempo for the development of their app for our smart TVs. Foxxum found in the content offered by the channel the quality it always seeks to offer its customers; adding a local flavor to the content really interests our Chilean clients.” 

Nuevo Tiempo Chile is part of the Nuevo Tiempo Network in South America and Jorge Rampogna, associate director of the network, commented: "The fact that we are now also available through smart TV is a big step for us. We can reach people who we otherwise would not reach. This agreement between Nuevo Tiempo Chile and Foxxum, and with other companies in the future, is a great blessing because in this way many people can be reached with content produced for TV Nuevo Tiempo."


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