On International Women’s Day, ADRA Romania, through “Casa ADRA,” celebrate a decade of fighting domestic violence

On International Women’s Day, ADRA Romania, through “Casa ADRA,” celebrate a decade of fighting domestic violence

President of ADRA International Jonathan Duffy and his wife join the celebration and hear stories of how Casa ADRA has saved lives.

March 25, 2019
/ Bucharest, Romania
/ ADRA Romania

On International Women’s Day, ADRA Romania, through “Casa ADRA,” celebrate a decade of fighting domestic violence

[Photo courtesy of ADRA Romania]

The women housed at the “Emergency Center for Victims of Domestic Violence”, or “Casa ADRA, ” were in for a surprise when president of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency International, Jonathan Duffy, along with his wife Cathy, came to celebrate a decade since ADRA Romania founded “Casa ADRA.” The celebration was part of an International Women’s Day event held on March 8 held at “Casa ADRA”

“For me, the topic of victims of domestic violence is a sad one. We are so happy to see the project “Casa ADRA”being implemented by ADRA Romania for so many years,” said Duffy. “It is a joy that there are good people who take a stand by being next to these ladies and these helpless children.  This shelter is special and precious and it must continue to exist.”

“Over the years, nearly 900 people have been housed here,” Duffy continued. “It is sad to think that there are 900 victims of domestic violence, but I am grateful that ADRA Romania has found an experienced team that has given them hope, safety, blessings, a place where they can renew their life and where they can rediscover human dignity.”

ADRA Romania executive director Robert Georgescu spoke of how important it was to have Duffy and his wife in Romania for the anniversary, “We are glad and honored by the historical presence of Cathy and Jonathan Duffy at the “Emergency Center for Victims of Domestic Violence,” said Georgescu. “ADRA Romania’s domestic violence projects show the organization’s constant concern for this category of beneficiaries.”

ADRA Romania has been managing “Casa ADRA”since 2009. Its aim is the social reintegration of victims of domestic violence by providing them with shelter, social and psychological counseling, emergency medical assistance, food, and help finding a lawyer.

The lives of the women housed in the center experience a different way of living their lives—without physical, verbal, economic, psychological, sexual or religious violence. They rely on spiritual values and cultivate healthy eating, exercise, training and recreational habits.

Casa ADRA is one of the first and few Romanian centers for victims of domestic violence. Since its inception 10 years ago, the shelter has constantly improved its response, adapting it to each and every situation of violence,” added Valentina Sturzu-Cozorici, ADRA Romania Project Manager.

ADRA Romania’s accreditation for the services provided at the “Emergency Centre for Victims of Domestic Violence” was renewed in 2016, according to the new national standard. The accreditation was granted by the Romanian Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and Elderly, following the assessment of the submitted documentation and site visits. The center is accredited until December 30th, 2020, in compliance with the Law no. 197/2012 regarding the quality assurance in the area of social services, with subsequent amendments.

Currently, the monthly expenses for each victim of domestic violence housed at Casa ADRAare of about 2500 RON (about $600USD). During its 10 years of activity, the center has assisted more than 2240 victims of domestic violence, while 896 of them were accommodated at Casa ADRA itself.

Join ADRA Romania and get involved in the fight against domestic violence! Those who want to join the ADRA Romania team and help with “Casa ADRA” can do so through adra.ro/doneaza.

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