Online film festival to help Mums ministry raise funds

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Mums At The Table, an Adventist Media ministry, has partnered with Heritage Films in an innovative fundraising event created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

The Hope at Home online film and event festival originated as a result of the increasing lockdown measures introduced by the Australian government to address the spread of coronavirus.

“We had originally planned a theatrical film festival—the Faith Film Festival—which was designed to bring life, hope and nourishment to communities around Australia across the month of April,” according to a statement from Heritage Films. “Now, we’re seeing the need to bring deep hope and opportunity for connection to those same communities in an online environment.”

The online film and event festival launched on April 5 and is available in Australia and New Zealand. Running for 10 weeks, it includes unlimited access to 12 hope-filled films, chosen to encourage and inspire families during this time of uncertainty. Passholders will also have access to live Q&As, panels, workshops and the online community that will form around the festival. Those who sign up after the launch date will have instant access to earlier films.

In response to the current climate, Rod Hopping, chief executive of Heritage Films, said in an interview, “It’s probably more important than ever to get out a message of hope. It’s timely to try and mitigate fear and anxiety in people’s lives. It seems better timing than ever. Maybe God’s got it on His mind as well in terms of bringing it all together.”

The films that will feature in the Hope At Home online film festival include Hacksaw Ridge, The Passion of the Christ (as well as a 30-minute Lego version for children), Beautifully Broken and The Heart of Man.

The partnership with Heritage Films means Mums At The Table is not only able to offer half-price tickets to those interested, but for every ticket sold, the ministry will raise $A10.

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