Only Adventist in his city sells church publications during the pandemic :Adventist News Online


ANN: What motivates you most to pursue literature evangelism?

Héctor Belucci: The ultimate goal of my ministry is for an Adventist church to be established in San Andrés de Giles. I would like to form a small group and in the future help establish a congregation. That is why I seek to win people for Christ through canvassing, so that one day they can join the church.

In these days of a pandemic, I started a new Bible study with a lady who had left a missionary book at her home because they had not bought me canvas books. She contacted me and we began to study the Bible. We talk on WhatsApp and that’s how it progresses. She has her struggles where the Holy Spirit is manifesting.

ANN: How did you have to adjust your ministry during the pandemic?

Héctor Belucci: Before the pandemic, I used to spend 7 or 8 hours on canvassing, on the street. Now I cannot do that, although people can go out in my city. But I can’t knock on doors, so this forced me to modify my strategy.

When compulsory isolation began it was impossible to sell, because it was forbidden to go out. What I did was establish contacts to visit in the future. I told them we were preparing to start a series of health meetings when we can have contact again. In this way, I kept my active service. The goal was to identify stakeholders whom I could visit visit when possible. I was scheduling various stakeholders who became clients once I was able to go out again to make those punctual visits.

I use my Facebook account, which I have totally dedicated to canvassing, to promote the books to my friends and also to offer them to groups in my city about sales, meals, etc. In WhatsApp I publish information from the books. I usually use the materials published by the Instituto Vida & Consultores Asociados (IVCA) on their social networks. Then later I look at who saw those items and I write them privately. By this means, I also maintain contact with my clients on a regular basis. I talk to them and try to discover their needs. I send them a voice message with health information, trying to allow me to go to their house to present the books [when permitted]. In this way I establish already agreed visits, which I normally do at the door of the house, without entering, taking all the precautions.


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