Itajaí Central Adventist Church Celebrates 100 Years

STORY  In 1919, Elesbão Florentino Nunes, a resident of Itajaí in Brazil, got to know the Adventist message and was baptized. The pioneering work of a pastor from Brusque saw more people following the……

Iglesias Hogar: Formación de líderes en Gran Canarias

Los días 13 y 14 de noviembre, con la visita de Gabriel Díaz como responsable de Ministerio Personal de la UAE, se llevó a cabo el Seminario de Iglesias Hogar en la iglesia de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

A pesar de las limitaciones de aforo el seminario tuvo buena acogida, ya que participaron los líderes de las cinco congregaciones de nuestra isla. Todos se han ido a sus iglesias con el ánimo, y la disposición, de implementar este modelo bíblico de las Iglesias Hogar en sus respectivas congregaciones.

Entendemos que es el plan de Dios para todos los tiempos, pero especialmente ahora que estamos viviendo momentos difíciles, con el cierre de iglesias y la asistencia al templo limitada debido a la Covid- 19.

Un modelo que involucra a todos los miembros

Esta es  una opción legítima y probada, para que la iglesia pueda implementar y consolidar la formación de Iglesias Hogar que lleguen a ser centros de reavivamiento espiritual y centros de misión, que son en esencia su ADN. Además es un modelo que involucra a todos los miembros, de forma que puedan experimentar la fraternidad.

La exposición fue clara y precisa, se nos enfatizó la importancia de conocer y aplicar la filosofía, la estructura y la dinámica, de las Iglesias Hogar, tres elementos vitales a la hora de asumir el modelo de Iglesias Hogar de forma que el proyecto se establezca sobre bases sólidas.

En el seminario de formación para líderes de Iglesias Hogar, se nos sugirió un plan práctico a seguir para su implementación. Ya esa misma noche el director de Ministerio Personal de la Iglesia de Telde me presentó la organización de las Iglesias Hogar por su zona de residencia y con sus respectivos lideres. Esperamos en el próximo consejo de Iglesia implementarlo de forma oficial.

ADRA Aids Victims in Central America – Seventh-day Adventist Church

November 21, 2020 | Silver Spring, Maryland, United States |

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) has scaled up disaster operations in Central America to help families impacted by Hurricanes Eta and Iota.

Within less than two weeks, the two Category 4 hurricanes made landfall in the same northern coastline of Nicaragua, turning into destructive tropical storms and affecting more than 3.6 million people in Central America. The catastrophic storms delivered dangerous winds, heavy rains, life-threatening flooding and landslides wiping out entire communities, leaving thousands of families homeless and killing more than 200 people.

“We must keep the people of Central America in our prayers as ADRA continues its relief operations in the region. The impact of Eta and Iota is considered greater than the devastation caused by Hurricane Mitch in 1998. There are whole communities where families have not been able to get out of their houses due to floods and mudslides, and many people remain missing,” says Luis Trundle, ADRA Honduras country director. “The distribution of humanitarian aid is very challenging.  People are sitting on the side of the road desperate for food, water, basic supplies and shelter.”

Despite blocked roads and cut off communities, ADRA’s rapid response teams are on the ground assessing the current crisis and coordinating humanitarian efforts with municipalities, Adventist church leaders, and local partners.  Disaster operations are responding to diverse needs in affected countries.


In Honduras, ADRA mobilized more than 1,500 hygiene kits with food, clothing and washing supplies with the help of church volunteers and in-kind donations to assist nearly 2,000 families. It’s also providing food rations to needy farming communities already facing dire economic conditions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Government reports estimate the storms destroyed over 153,000 hectares of basic grains, banana, sugar cane, beans and other crops, worsening food insecurity in the region.

El Salvador

In El Salvador, Adventist young people from the country’s Pathfinder club helped ADRA distribute hundreds of meals, blankets clothes, and water to children and adults in shelters. More than 40 pallets of food and water were also provided to police and rescue teams.

Guatemala, Panama

In Guatemala, ADRA is working with church volunteers to help people in the hardest hit neighborhoods. In Panama, ADRA and church donations supplied several truckloads of food, clothes and personal hygiene to displaced families.

Nicaragua, Belize and Costa Rica

In Nicaragua, Belize and Costa Rica, ADRA will supply emergency food to survivors in dozens of impacted communities. ADRA is also responding in South America, namely the Antoquia, Bolivar and Choco departments of Colombia, preparing food and hygiene items, and in the southern region of Mexico, ADRA has been supplying cash vouchers to the most vulnerable people.

ADRA’s emergency operations are also preventing the spread of COVID-19 and minimizing the risk of infection in disaster areas. It has already mobilized more than 7,000 hygiene emergency kits with surgical masks, antibacterial gel, and cleaning and hand washing supplies for over 60 shelters. In addition, ADRA is disseminating coronavirus prevention messages in the region.  Authorities fear COVID-19 cases will likely rise due to the challenges of keeping social distancing and lack of sanitizing supplies in overcrowded shelters. This year more than 227,000 people have contracted coronavirus in Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Belize, and nearly 7,000 have died (*numbers subject to change daily).

“ADRA is implementing COVID-19 prevention measures across all of its emergency response efforts in Central America. We are working closely with the Adventist Church, as well as local authorities and partners to better leverage our resources to assist victims more effectively,” says David Poloche, ADRA’s regional director for the Inter-American Division. “Donations are critical to ADRA’s ability to respond to emergencies caused by catastrophic storms like Eta and Iota. Please help us multiply our impact. Support our disaster relief operation to help us continue to serve more families and children in need.”

Spencerville Adventist Academy Senior Authors Diary-Like Book on Queen Esther

Spencerville Adventist Academy Senior Authors Diary-Like Book on Queen Esther

Charis McRoy poses with her book, The Star. Photo provided by the Columbia Union Visitor.

Charis McRoy, a senior at Spencerville Adventist Academy in Maryland, has enjoyed writing poetry to express her emotions and experiences ever since the third grade. Through the years, she decided to author a book on the Bible story of Esther. Remembering what she had learned about Esther in Sabbath School, she wanted to journey deeper into that Bible story.

“Esther struck me as quite the heroine to look up to. While she could have simply relished in the pleasures of being queen, she lived selflessly and defended others, even at the risk of her own life,” said McRoy. “Her story moved me, and I felt the urge to share it — as Esther might have told it.”

McRoy wrote her book, The Star, in a diary-like format. She hopes readers leave with a sense of calling and purpose for their lives.

“It was God who enabled Esther to rise amid the obstacles and trials of her life and become a star shining in the darkness,” said McRoy.

McRoy believes that God will use anyone who is willing to be an instrument in His hand to bring about change in the world.

“The question I pose to the reader is, ‘Are you willing to let God do the same for you? Will you realize that you have been called for such a time as this?’” McRoy explained.

“This experience really helped me to grow as a writer and as a person,” she added. “As I wrote about this great woman of faith and courage, some of those qualities rubbed off on me. Ultimately, as I wrote her story, I began writing a new one for myself. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.”

Adventist Church in Puerto Rico Elects New President and Treasurer – Seventh-day Adventist Church

Inter-American Division President Pastor Elie Henry (center) prays for Pastor Jose Alberto Rodríguez(left) and wife Cristina, who announced his retirement and newly elected Pastor Luis Rivera (second from right) and wife Camille, during the church’s year-end executive committee meeting at Antillean Adventist University, in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, on Nov. 17, 2020.  [Puerto Rican Union/Facebook]

November 23, 2020 | Mayaguez, Puerto Rico | David Sebastian and Libna Stevens, Inter-American Division News

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Puerto Rico elected Pastor Luis Rivera to head as president during its year-end executive committee meetings held last week at Antillean Adventist University in Mayaguez. He was voted in by church leaders following the retirement announcement of Pastor  Jose Alberto Rodríguez, who served as president of the church in Puerto Rico since 2006.

Pastor Rivera, 46, becomes the youngest union president for the church in Puerto Rico. He was treasurer of the Puerto Rican Union for 10 years. Prior to that he served as director for various departments and three years as general manager of Bella Vista Hospital. In total, he has 27 years of denominational service, including working as a conference secretary-treasurer, ADRA regional director, and administrator of various schools.  Rivera is married to Camille Ayala and has two children, Kamilah and Luis Alberto.

“I feel apprehensive,” said Rivera to the executive committee. “But I know God will equip me and sustain me.”

Pastor Luis Rivera (center), newly elected president of the church in Puerto Rico, speaks to the leadership next to Pastor Victor M. Valles (left), executive secretary, and newly elected Misael Jiménez, treasurer. [Photo: Puerto Rican Union/Facebook]

As Rivera accepted his new position, the nominating committee recommended Misael Jiménez as the new union treasurer. Jiménez, who has been working as vice president of financial affairs at Antillean Adventist University for 18 years, was voted in by the committee.
Jiménez has 30 years of experience working for the church, having served as publishing ministries director, mission secretary-treasurer, and administrator of the Natural Food Center.

An Adventist Church in Washington State Feeds a Need

An Adventist Church in Washington State Feeds a Need

Volunteers Berit Schroeder and Fia Taito explain how anyone who has a need is welcome to come and receive food at Auburn City Church. Photo by Heidi Baumgartner

Bright and early every Tuesday morning for the past several months, Pat Bailey shows up at Auburn City Seventh-day Adventist Church to direct cars into the food bank line, the COVID-19 testing line or both.

“I meet every car that comes in,” Bailey says. As a community health care consultant for the city of Auburn, Washington, she helped negotiate plans for the Auburn City Church site to serve as a COVID-19 testing location in the suburbs between Seattle and Tacoma.

“It’s a good relationship that really helps the community,” Bailey says. “People come from all over Auburn and beyond. All ages. All ethnicities. People are so happy and appreciative.”

Jackie Langi holds a sign informing drivers about free COVID-19 testing and food boxes.

Jackie Langi holds a sign informing drivers about free COVID-19 testing and food boxes. Photo by Heidi Baumgartner

Testing at Capacity

Auburn City Church’s parking lot is one of the designated COVID-19 test sites for King County. Cars typically start lining up at 6:30 a.m., testing starts at 7 a.m., capacity is often reached by 10 a.m., and testing concludes around 1 p.m. Some people end up waiting three or four hours. The tests are free for those without insurance.

“We do COVID testing on all ages,” says Lucy, a Harborview Medical Center employee who serves as charge nurse for this test site. “We provide COVID testing via nasal swab. It’s an uncomfortable test but a very reliable test. Results are typically available within four days or less.”

To date, more than 1,200 people have received a COVID-19 test at this location. Typically 190 tests are administered each week.

Adventist Review Online | Building the Kingdom of God Through Fitness

In Australia, fitness classes are introducing and reintroducing people to Jesus.

For Arnold Greenfield, operating fitness classes is a way of introducing people to Jesus.

“For me, it’s like building the kingdom of God through fitness,” Arnold said. “You may have had a terrible weekend or be drained at work, but you can come to this space, and it’s encouraging and uplifting. It’s building community and building God’s kingdom.”

FoxFit is a ministry coordinated by Greenfield in partnership with Fox Valley Community Church pastor and former Wahroonga Adventist School chaplain Landry Patii. Greenfield runs sessions at the school grounds in Wahroonga, New South Wales, Australia, every Monday at 6:30 p.m. Designed as a group fitness class, it attracts people from all walks of life: nursing students, young professionals, high-school students, and people from the wider community.

“It’s like circuit training but with CrossFit movements,” Greenfield said. “We’re never doing the same thing every week. It’s mostly functional movements like squatting, putting things over your head — things you would use in your daily life. And it’s done at high speed, to get your heart rate high.”

Thanks to the team-building nature of each session, the workouts are accessible to a wide range of age groups and flexible to small or large numbers. At its peak, FoxFit was attracting between 30 and 40 people each week, but following COVID-19 restrictions, the ministry is just starting to pick up again. 

“With big groups, we split in half and have two different workouts going. One group would be completing reps of six different exercises — 400 air squats, 400 crunches, et cetera — and working as a team. We get them to hit the mark of all reps or rounds and set the time for other groups, like a competition,” he said.

Taziki's Appetizer Bundle Debuts This Holiday Season #vegan #vegetarian

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Nov. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Taziki’s Mediterranean Café is excited to announce a fresh and delicious appetizer option available to customers this holiday season. The restaurant’s n …

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NAD Podcast Promotes Gratitude Lifestyle in Preparation of Thanksgiving Holiday

NAD Podcast Promotes Gratitude Lifestyle in Preparation of Thanksgiving Holiday

Mylon Medley, assistant director of NAD Communication for news and host of NewsPoints ON THE AIR, leads a conversation on the importance of gratitude with Will Johns, author and pastor of the Beltsville Seventh-day Adventist Church in Beltsville, Maryland. Photo: Screen capture from podcast interview.

The fifth and most recent episode of the “NewsPoints ON THE AIR” podcast features an interview with pastor, author, and researcher Will Johns of the Beltsville Seventh-day Adventist Church in Beltsville, Maryland. On the episode, he discusses the benefits of exercising gratitude as lifestyle, and not just a trendy practice around the U.S. Thanksgiving Holiday in the autumn season. He shared scientific research that explains the physical, mental, and spiritual outputs of seeing life through the lenses of gratitude — a practice that requires intentionally fighting pervasive, deeply-rooted negative thinking patterns.

“There’s some disciple and habit forming that’s required because we’re up against the way our minds have been trained over the course of our lives. It’s not a bad thing that we naturally focus on problems, that has helped us in certain times in [our lives] where we may have needed that for certain reasons,” said Johns, author of “Everything is Better Than You Think: How Gratitude Can Transform Your Life.” “However, there comes a time where it gets overdone and we end up over focusing on problems to the exclusion of all that is good in our lives. As we begin to train our minds to see the good in life, we will be surprised to see that very often the good largely outweighs what is bad in our lives, it’s just that we haven’t seen it.”

The interview led by Mylon Medley, assistant director of NAD Communication for news, who produces, edits, and hosts the show, is one example of the topical, relevant conversations featured on the podcast, which airs twice a month. The show is the first official podcast of the North American Division. It is also a brand extension of NAD NewsPoints, a weekly, digital newsletter that reaches more than 16,000 subscribers with news, ministry resources, and special announcements. Executive producers of NewsPoints ON THE AIR are Dan Weber, director of NAD Communication, and Julio Muñoz and Kimberly Luste Maran, who are the department’s associate directors.

Bautismo en Calahorra

Simone Braga aceptó a Jesús como Salvador y Señor por medio del bautismo el sábado 07 de noviembre de 2020 en la iglesia adventista de Calahorra.  El Pastor Gabriel Villarreal realizó la ceremonia bautismal a las 11:00 horas donde Simone estuvo acompañada de sus hijos Pedro y Melisa además de los hermanos de la iglesia.


El bautismo de Simone tuvo que ser aplazado en 4 ocasiones (14 de marzo, 05 de septiembre, 03 de octubre y 31 de octubre) por motivos relacionados a los confinamientos producidos por la pandemia de la COVID-19 en Alfaro y Calahorra. Para el día del bautismo, la directora del departamento de música, Vanina Finuchi, preparó con el equipo de alabanza 4 especiales, uno por cada intento de bautismo que no se pudo realizar.

Fue una ceremonia bautismal preciosa llena de música y alabanzas a nuestro creador celebrando la inquebrantable fe de Simone.  Después de la entrega del certificado de bautismo, Alba Jiménez y Vanina Finuchi tenían preparada una sorpresa para Simone.  Como Simone es de Brasil, decidieron cantar el último especial en portugués.  Este precioso himno se llama “hablar con Dios”[1].  Simone derramó lágrimas de felicidad y agradecimiento a Dios por su inmenso amor hacía ella.

Al finalizar la ceremonia, el pastor hizo un llamado a las personas que no son miembros de la iglesia, a entregar su vida al Señor por medio del bautismo. 5 personas entre preadolescentes y adultos levantaron sus manos.  Simone regresó a Alfaro sabiendo que había tomado la mejor decisión de la vida y que ahora pertenecía a la familia de Dios.


Autor: Gabriel Villarreal, pastor de las iglesias adventistas de Calahorra, Logroño y Soria.

Imágenes de Carolina Valdés. 


La entrada Bautismo en Calahorra se publicó primero en Revista Adventista.