Paraguay: lives are restored in Christ in the ‘Pabellón Esperanza’ :Adventist News Online


With hearts full of hope and faces of happiness, 16 people from the national penitentiary of Tacumbú, in Paraguay, decided to be ‘Restored in Christ’ through baptism during an Easter evangelism event.

In 2013, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Paraguay took the initiative to build a temple in the penitentiary, with the aim of meeting the spiritual needs of those incarcerated there. The building was named “Hope Pavilion. It was built in Pavilion 4, where there are more than 4,000 prisoners who are seeking freedom through hope in Christ. This initiative also fulfills the objective of the social reintegration penitentiary.

Under the leadership of Pastor Gregorio Limenza, every Sabbath they learn about the love of Jesus. They also decided to participate in the service every night of the Holy Week themed,’Restored in Christ‘.

During the service, when the preacher made the call, 10 people decided to give their lives to Jesus and live connected to Him. The next day, six more people were encouraged and decided to be baptized.

On Friday, April 2nd, the baptism was carried out, which was directed by the district pastors Gregorio Limenza and Celso Arzamendia. Also, the pastors Bruno Raso, Vice President of the Seventh-day Adventist Church for South America; Evandro Fávero, Benjamin Belmonte, and Samuel Arce, President and Director of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Paraguay.

All those present enjoyed every moment of the programming as they sang, prayed, and enjoyed fellowship. At the end of Holy Week, many people agreed to continue learning from the Bible in order to be baptized in the future.

“We are happy to see how the young people looked forward to the time of the Holy Week broadcast to enjoy the message, sing and make their prayer requests. Likewise, everyone joined in support of their friends who were going to be baptized and began to carry together the water to fill the baptistery. They are happy to know that there is hope in the hands of Jesus ”, mentioned Pastor Gregorio Limenza.


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