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Pastor Walter Veith comments on the recent visit by the pope to the U.S.A


Many people in the remnant church are reluctant to be as bold as John the baptist when it comes to speaking the truth. Pastor Walter Veith has been fearlessly preaching truth and bible prophecy for many years and has constantly pointed out significant events happening year after year and how they relate to bible prophecy.  He also exposes with clear evidence how Satan’s agents have infiltrated or run various world governments.  Many well known pastors such as Mark Woodman and speakers such as Scott Ritsema heard Pastor Walter Veiths presentations and were converted and took up the mantle to share his powerful findings and discover even more wickedness in high places. Professor Veiths incredible series called Total onslaught continues to be the catalyst that brings many to Christ and also serves as a wake up call to the heirs of the kingdom that slumber. Here Pastor Walter Veith caarries out a fascinating insight on the recent visit by the pope to the U.S.A ad its significance in bible prophecy. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Please add your comments in the comments box at the bottom of this video.  Lets get the discussion going.

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  1. Please pastor,continue lifting up the light,you are a blessing to everyone also to me,,,as God have given you the wisdom todiscern all that truth please share it,know that your labour is not in vain,i like the quotation from Joshua…’as for ME and my FAMILY we will serve THE LORD’…

  2. Dear Walter Veith,
    I have been a huge supporter of you for ten years. I am not an SDA. I see the truth you bring and have researched many things you have said and found them to be truth. In fact You actually say things that I have said for years, but all believers have blacklisted me for the things I have said.
    I have no formal degrees, I found Christ and after 2 years of foundering with listening to “OFF” truths I said “Lord if you want me to learn then you must teach me because people are too confused”…Through His Grace and Power, He enlightens me; but no one will hear me. Then I found you.
    So here is the rub, I watched your video “Speak to the Rock”…I am confused and since I recommend you to everyone I know and have actually gotten non-believers to watch.

    Why is there a compass in the pic and why are you using FM hand signals? I know you well and your gestures and I know Hand signals when I see them. I searched for a way to reach through email and have found none so I am here asking.

  3. I was able to reach someone at AD re: my question. So you may disregard it as I see it has not been posted at this time. Blessings to you.


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