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Pastors meetings culminate in 54 ordinations in the country of Rwanda


Jun 07, 2017
Nyamata, Rwanda

Pastors meetings culminate in 54 ordinations in the country of Rwanda

[photo courtesy of the East-Central Africa Division]

54 pastors were ordained this past week in Rwanda following a national three-day ministerial convention held in the city of Nyamata.    

After the baptism of more than 100,000 last year, one of the challenges the Adventist church in the Rwanda territory faced was a lack of ordained ministers to carry out the mission and attend to the new members. 

On Sabbath June 3rd, thousands of church members gathered from around the region under beautiful white tents to witness the unprecedented event. Pastoral couples marched down a beautiful carpet attired in their Sabbath best for this very special occasion.  

“It was a grand celebration!” said Blasious Ruguri, president of the Adventist Church in the East-Central Africa region and keynote speaker for the event.  “God has found the answer to the challenge in Rwanda at the right time.” He added that “the ordination was another testimony of the incredible church growth of the church in Rwanda.” 

Ruguri charged the newly ordained ministers to follow the steps of Jesus and the example of the apostles as they work to fulfill the mission. He reminded the pastor’s wives they had become mothers twice. First for their children and second for all the children in the church. He also told the couples that ministry is not a shortcut to wealth but a gateway to servanthood and selfless service for the Savior.  

Alain Coralie, executive secretary of the Adventist church in the East-Central Africa region, said. “The best gift ordained ministers need nowadays is genuine prayer.” He prayed for their success in mission and the power of the Holy Spirit to attend them in their service.  

Many of the 54 ordained ministers were veterans who have served the church for many years baptizing thousands of people.  The church members joyously appreciated their service as they came forward for to be ordained.   

Pastor Hesron Byilingiro president of the Adventist Church in Rwanda joyously expressed his happiness and thanksgiving for the dynamic growth of the church in Rwanda. 

Before the ordination, there had been a three-day ministerial convention, which brought together more than 400 pastors and church leaders to be equipped and trained for ministry excellence.  

Church leaders expressed that most of the pastors had been so busy energizing and reviving church members, that they never had their own particular time to discuss the various missional challenges in their territory.  

Participants shared they were excited by the convention and grateful since it provided the opportunity for them to share experiences with other pastors, build comradery and find common solutions together.  

During the Convention, Coralie gave a special presentation on prayer ministry. He reminded attendees that many Adventists read the word and teach it but they pray less.  As a result, they do not see God’s miracles.  

Rwanda Union Mission has nudged a membership of more 800, 000 registered Adventists in a country with a population of over 12,000,000. 


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