Pathfinder Cooks Compete in Top Club Chef at the 2019 Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee


Pathfinder Cooks Compete in Top Club Chef at the 2019 Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee

“Showing the Pathfinder Spirit” by Lyn Fuentes, Winter Park Spanish Club, Winter Park, Florida, Florida Conference, Southern Union. Photo by Jenean Lendor

Pathfinder Club chefs had the opportunity to flex their culinary muscles at the 2019 Chosen International Pathfinder Camporee Top Club Chef activity during three rounds held each morning, Aug. 14-16, near Hangar D of the Experimental Aviation Association grounds. During the daily critique period, tables showcased beautifully plated club cuisine. Chefs were teamed up and awarded team and personal points.

Those who are the primary cooks for their clubs were nominated, or appointed, to represent their conferences in the non-elimination competition. Each chef created three different plant-based dishes based on a biblical inspiration. Each day, a special ingredient or theme was required in the dish presented for judging. The special ingredients/themes were corn, chips, and club theme — what best embodies the spirit of the chef’s Pathfinder club. The dishes, cooked and prepared at the club camporee kitchens, were peer reviewed based on the following criteria: taste, presentation, creativity, and use of the special item.

Hulando Shaw, the Top Club Chef coordinator, said that what people eat and how it’s prepared goes back to humanity’s beginnings. And it is important for Pathfinder Clubs to learn about healthful eating and food preparation. “The Genesis 1 diet gives you all green herbs, not meat,” Shaw said. “When we get to the point in which we can get our young people activated, get our young people interested in cooking, then what will happen is that young people will be learning to ultimately make their own food.”

Chef and owner of Real Veggie Cafe in Island Park, Long Island, New York, Shaw is excited about the future possibilities of this new Pathfinder activity making its debut at the Oshkosh camporee. He’d like to see the competition take hold at union camporees across the North American Division — and eventually around the church’s world divisions. Once the principles that hold, “then we can craft our health message into the cooking competition; and teach young people how to cook healthfully. When people actually start cooking their own food, they will start eating much healthier.”


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