Pathfinders and Adventurers learn unashamed love in NZ


In the middle of the school holidays (October 4-6), a whopping 1200 Adventurers, Pathfinders, club leaders and their families arrived at Tui Ridge Park to participate in two rallies.*

Throughout the weekend, the camp buzzed with activity. For some, like the Auckland Central Samoan Adventurers, it was the excitement of a new sleeping bag and camping for the first time. For others, like Cecilia from Mizpah Pathfinder Club, is was more about reconnecting with Pathfinders from other clubs.

Competing for the Api Memorial Cup was a significant highlight of the weekend. Whatever the size or expertise of the participating Pathfinder club, the marching competition on Saturday night was enthusiastically cheered and clubs were encouraged to do their best by the spectators. Practise clearly pays off as Wellington Samoan club—who had practised nearly every week throughout the year—erupted in euphoric jubilation as they were announced the winners.

“With adults doing life together with the kids, it becomes a cross-generation discipleship journey.”

Rosie Boom, an accomplished singer and songwriter, connected the weekend’s theme of “Living Unashamed Love” with stories of faith. Mrs Boom moved between the Adventurer and Pathfinder halls to speak and share her songs. When speaking of suicide with the Pathfinders it was possible to hear a pin drop. Creating a link between Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan with Don Ritchie’s story—known as the Guardian Angel of the Gap, who went on to save more than 600 people from suicide—Mrs Boom challenged the Pathfinders to be good Samaritans by giving a simple smile, a helping hand, a listening ear, a kind word, to those they meet.

Mrs Boom was excited to be with a new group of kids, sharing stories of God. “The kids are simply beautiful,” said Mrs Boom. “It’s been such a blessing to be with them and see how prominently the Lord was featured at the Rally.”


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