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Pathfinders of the Volga Association celebrate a double anniversary


S eptember 19 was a special day for Pathfinders in the Russian communities of the Volga Association. Celebratory services were held in each community, each in their own way, but the dress uniform, tie, flag, anthem, special atmosphere, and history united them with all the clubs in the world.

This anniversary year–70 years of Pathfinders around the world and 20 years of the Volga Association’s Pathfinder involvement–provided a look back at the history of the worldwide pathfinder movement. 

In Samara, children and mentors told the community interesting historical facts about how this ministry to teenagers began, why the club is called “Pathfinders,” when and under what circumstances the emblem, flag, anthem, and uniform appeared, and also about the appearance of pathfinders in Russia and the development of this movement in the Volga Association.

In Penza, Pathfinder Day coincided with the Harvest Day, and both of these events complemented and adorned each other: Bright pathfinder ties looked harmonious among the autumn decoration of the hall.

In Rtishchevo, a graduate of the club addressed the parishioners with a sermon. The parishioners were touched by the presentation, as many remember that not long ago she was a child, and now she is able to present a spiritual message from the pulpit.

In the 2nd and 4th communities of Volgograd, the whole church sang the Pathfinder Song, and in Balakovo club members entered the hall with a flag for the first time, which made their procession even more solemn.

In memory of this special day, all the clubs of the Volga Association received a gift: a badge with anniversary symbols.

After the service, the celebration continued in a relaxed atmosphere. Many clubs hosted a tea party with treats. In Volgograd, all three clubs came together to take part in a quiz bowl, spiritual reflection, singing, and fellowship. In Samara, the club stayed overnight in a prayer house, where they spent Pathfinder Night 20/70 with real tents and a “bonfire” made of garlands. They also took part that evening in an online meeting of the pathfinders of the Western Russian Union, which was broadcast from Zaoksky.

The celebration is not just one day; for a whole week before the Pathfinder Day 2020, the Pathfinder Club members and their leaders took part in the “Week in a Tie” campaign: The pathfinders put on their Pathfinder scarves every time they left home–whether to go to school, to classes, to the store, or just outside. The bright color of the scarf attracted the attention of others, and some were asked questions about their scarf, giving club members an opportunity to share about Pathfinders.

All clubs were invited to take part in a video competition on the topic, “Why do I love Pathfinders?” Results were shared at the online evening meeting, and among the winners were Svyataya Vine Pathfinder Club and the Romashka Adventurers’ Club in Frolovo, as well as the Istok Club in Rtischevo.

Immediately after the celebration, a week-long Pathfinder Prayer Marathon called “Be In Touch” began.

The transfer of spiritual values ​​to the younger generation is one of the priorities of the church. Teens need to grow up wanting to build their faith, and Pathfinders has provided this opportunity for seven decades, of which the Volga Association is proud to have now been a part for 20 years.

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