Philippine Villages Request Baptism After Hearing Adventist Radio


Broadcasts prepared the way for recent evangelistic meetings.

Ten villages are preparing for baptism on the Philippines’ seventh-largest island after listening to Adventist World Radio programming on local radio stations.

The villagers heard the Seventh-day Adventist message when nine radio stations started airing the programs on Mindoro, an island located five hours by car and ferry south of the country’s capital, Manila.

Adventist World Radio purchased airtime on the local radio stations, and its programs hit the airwaves several weeks before major Total Membership Involvement evangelistic meetings opened June 9.

Residents of two villages were convicted to join the Adventist Church before the meetings even began, said Duane McKey, who oversees the Total Membership Involvement initiative for the Adventist world church and serves as president of Adventist World Radio.

“This is something out of a missionary storybook that you would have read many years ago,” McKey said. “But it is happening here and now in Mindoro.”

He credited the outpouring of the Holy Spirit for the surge in interest.

Introducing the Radio

McKey, who has co-organized major Total Membership Involvement evangelistic meetings in Rwanda, Romania, and elsewhere, introduced radio to the church’s outreach efforts in Mindoro.

McKey was appointed president of Adventist World Radio in January, and he hopes to make radio a key part of future evangelistic meetings, including with daily broadcasts in Tokyo before nationwide evangelistic meetings in Japan in 2018.

The ongoing meetings in Mindoro are being led by 49 Japanese pastors and laypeople who are preparing for the 2018 campaign in Japan.

The nine radio stations airing Adventist World Radio programming reach nearly the entire island of 1.3 million people, as well as people on several neighboring islands. The programs are broadcast one to three hours daily. It was not immediately clear how many people have tuned in for the Adventist World Radio broadcasts or how many people would be baptized as a result.


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