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PNG government donates millions to Adventist school


A picture of the new classrooms funded by the PNG government.

More than 13 million Kina for new classrooms has been donated by the government of Papua New Guinea (PNG) to Unggai Adventist High School in the Eastern Highlands Province.

The classroom funding was announced at a recent rally at the local government district headquarters. Unggai school has also been granted 300,000 Kina for two new trucks.

“The school facilities [are the] first of [their] kind in Papua New Guinea,” retired Adventist pastor John Hamura explained.

At the rally, Pastor Hamura met with the Member for the Unggai Bena District in PNG’s national parliament, Benny Allan, who he has known for many years. Mr Allan—who has been in politics for more than 20 years—first met Pastor Hamura at Bugandi High School as a teacher, and is a former Adventist.

“[He] never attend church since I meet him. I told him a story of experience, a text from the Bible. Whenever we meet, he used to say that is a turning point,” Pastor Hamura said.

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