Polish Union climaxes 100 years of Family Ministry with new books


2 January 2020 | Warsaw, Poland [Marek Rakowski]

Seventh-day Adventists in Poland joined with the World Church in celebrating 100 years of Family ministries by publishing two books on family issues intended for public distribution. It is in a way also a historical event, as for the first time in history two books on family topics have been published.

The first, Hope for modern families by Elaine and Willie Oliver, was prepared as missionary book of the year. Throughout Poland door-to-door and on the streets distribution of books is still a popular form of mission work. Local conferences and the Union willingly helped finance this publication.

In the preview to the book, Pastor Marek Rakowski, Family Life director in Poland wrote, “Research on the most important aspects of life in Poland show that the Poles list family and friends and happy relations in first place (70%)1. In this priority table, family and friends were ahead of such values as security, joy of life, health, social justice, material success or religion and tradition. The longing for a successful family life is not surprising when we look at the scale of divorces (close to half of marriages in cities, about 25% in the villages)2. When we add to this uncountable number of unhappy couples, not to mention the still embarrassing and often hidden phenomenon of domestic violence (about 400-500 women in Poland die as a result of domestic violence!)3, it is not surprising that Poles are looking for hope to happier life among the loved ones.”

Daniel Kluska, Communication and Media director was heavily involved in the promotion and distribution of the book. Kluska set up a website allowing download of the book in pdf format. He also developed a fun page on facebook including a short video promotion.


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