Prayer channels strengthen relationships | Adventist News Network


“I ask for prayer for work opportunities.”

“I have health problems and I would like you to pray for me.”

“My family and I had COVID and we are in need of prayer for our restoration to health.”

The phrases above are just a portion of the thousands of prayer requests that are posted daily on Seventh-day Adventist Church profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They are registered by men and women from different contexts, regions, and needs, but who have in common the desire for others to pray for them.

“Intercession is a spiritual gift that is often not valued because it happens in the silence of personal prayer, but it is one of the most important for the advancement of the cause of God and the care and support of people,” says Pastor Josanan Alves, director of the Christian stewardship department at South American Adventist Church headquarters.

This year, Alves is at the forefront of prayer initiatives promoted by the Adventist Church, such as the recent 10 Days of Prayer program held in February. Now, other campaigns are underway to boost and strengthen relationships with others and fellowship with God.

One of them is Envolve 2021, which takes place live over 21 days, always at 4:59 a.m. on the denomination’s official Facebook page (adventistas brasil). The meetings are organized by the Associação Paulista Central, one of the administrative offices of the church for the interior of São Paulo, and focus on the biblical text, music, and intercession, and will be broadcast until March 27.

On Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Pastor Luís Gonçalves, an evangelist for the Adventist Church for eight countries in South America, is broadcasting messages of hope for times of crisis, always at 7 p.m. on the Facebook page and on the Adventist channel Brazil on YouTube.


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