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Prayers for Barcelona as dozens injured in van attack


Aug 17, 2017
Barcelona, Spain

Prayers for Barcelona as dozens injured in van attack

A van has killed at least 13 people and injured more than 50 others in a tourist area of Barcelona, Spain, in what police are treating as a terrorist attack. It is the latest in a series of horrific vehicle related attacks in several European cities over recent months.

Leaders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church across Europe have been quick to express their sorrow and horror at yet such another incident and are calling for prayers for those affected by the incident.

“We live in a time of violence that shocks us every day,” stated Corrado Cozzi, spokesperson for the Adventist Church’s Inter-European Region.  “We pray for the families of these victims in Barcelona and for those now being treated in hospital.  We feel their pain, and we pray that God can console them now.”

Adventist youth from Barcelona were among 4,000 enthusiastic youth who attended the Pan-European Youth Congress 350km further south in Valencia earlier this month. That congress, a spiritual highlight for young adults, also highlighted our need for care of the environment; our respect for all peoples, including those who differ from us; and a desire to let people know that love and compassion can outweigh fear and hate, even in situations such as the one unfolding in Barcelona.

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