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Promotion & Book Review “A Glimpse of God’s Grace”


A Glimpse of God’s Grace” speaks of a Compassionate God who molded a boy from agonizing paternal rejection to a sweet father’s embrace – after a long 49 years.
Phoo Kwa Gyi was a lovely, innocent 2-month old baby boy when he was taken out of his own home by his willful mother to be cared for under the embrace of his Adventist grandparents. By circumstance, at age 6 he got a chance to visit his family for the first time. It was a joy to see his younger siblings and his parents, and he went with high expectations of a happy family reunion, for the oldest son has come home. But unlike the episode of the returning prodigal son in the Bible, there was no such welcome, no festivity – no, not that kind. Instead, it was in that visit that he heard the most excruciating shout from a man he called “Papa” with his finger strongly pointing at him and saying resentfully, “Get out of my house!”

This is just a minute fraction of the heartaches and emotional pain experienced by a very young Burmese whose dream was just to become a loving, submissive, helpful, and obedient son. All his efforts did not work. All his kindness didn’t count. His second and third visits even added insult to accumulated injury. The supplies of discouragement and frustrations were sufficient for him to say, “I give up!”

But in all those, one thing was certain: God was preparing Pastor Samuel Saw for humble service and be a blessing to his family and to so many people beyond the borders of Burma. And it is true. Today, his life has become a blessing to many people around SSD territory and beyond.

At 49, Saw returned home to Burma (now Myanmar) and for the first time, he heard his father sob and cry in front of his relatives and friends. Pastor Phoo Kwa Gyi, otherwise known as Doctor Samuel Saw, the president of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, composed of fourteen (14) countries in southern Asia, namely: Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Brunei, Laos, Timor Leste, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Bangladesh, joyfully baptized his father and experienced the first sweet embrace of a man who maltreated and rejected him.

Be ready to deal with frustrations, disappointments, hatred, discouragements, and meaninglessness, but be blessed with lessons of honesty, hard work, patience, prayerfulness, trust, faith, endurance, perseverance, faithfulness, generosity, kindness, and love. And most of all, be ready to dive into God’s endless pool of grace that will completely submerge your spirit and that anyone who reads would feel so humbled and would have left anyone in awe of God’s abundant love and his amazing grace!

This book, “A Glimpse of God’s Grace” stands at par with the “Tell-It-Again Stories” category. You just love to read it again and again, with cheerful smiles and tearful eyes. You will discover and gain a sense of assurance that even if you don’t have the explanation of what you have been going through, God’s way always prevails to make you what he wants you to be.

Go and find this book now and see all these in “A Glimpse of God’s Grace!”






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