Public Health Screening in Great Yarmouth

Public Health Screening in Great Yarmouth

17th May 2019

For the last nine years, the Great Yarmouth church Health Ministries department has been conducting health screening for the 85181general public as a community service in Market Gates Shopping Centre. Since the management was approached at the outset, we have been given free use for the event twice a year. On our initial use of the shopping mall, we were allocated a space in one of the shopping lanes; but after the management witnessed us in action, they informed us that in future they would give us the prime position, which is located at the crossroads in the centre. In addition to this, even though their conditions do not allow the free distribution of literature by the traders without their approval, they have granted us permission to offer any literature we wish, including our religious material. For all this we have been truly grateful.

Our recent session was held Sunday 12 May 2019, when our health team took 83 blood pressures, 95 blood sugar tests, 57 Body 85182Mass Indexes and 15 carbon monoxide tests. Out of the 11 persons who sought personal advice, 9 were referred to their GP.

Our team is made up of volunteers who assist in those areas they are permitted to do, while health professionals attend to those things that require qualified personnel. We are extremely grateful for the time and effort that they give in order for our church to conduct these events. Our literature table has a large supply of various materials: mainly health related; but there are also several religious booklets such as Steps to Christ, and He is Coming, and some of the Focus Magazines for example. There are also pamphlets introducing Seventh-day Adventists for those who care to know more about us. Our church, in fact, is well-advertised because each of the team members wear a white sweatshirt with the church’s name and logo on the front, while the back of the shirt states ‘Health Screening’.


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