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World events, the coronavirus pandemic and a general climate of global insecurity have aroused the interest of thousands in relation to worldwide events and their relationship to the Bible. Many have expressed serious questions regarding the future and how to be prepared for what is to come. 


Recently, leaders at Safeliz, one of the publishing houses maintained by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Spain, noticed a growing number of people expressing the same concerns regarding the end of time. Based on that, they came up with a project to help them find answers.


Safeliz organized an online conference exploring final events, which will be offered free of charge in English, Portuguese and Spanish between January 23-31, 2021. The initiative brings together Adventist theologians, professors, and evangelists from all over the world, such as Jacques Doukhan from Andrews University; Alberto Timm from The White Estate; John Bradshaw from It Is Written; Doug Batchelor from Amazing Facts; as well Mark Finley, Ty Gibson, Alejandro Bullon, and many others (see full list here:


“The study of final events is fascinating, but there is a very big risk of speculating or misinterpreting something, specially when there isn’t enough or a complete revelation on certain topics,” says Mario Martinelli, CEO of Safeliz and one of the organizers of the program. “For this reason, it’s important for church members to study this topic with much prayer and with an open heart, to learn, and to avoid misinterpretations.”


In Light of the Bible:


The entire content of the conference is based on two main pillars: the Bible and inspired texts written by Ellen White, who received light in relation to this period of history. In addition, it relies on the practical knowledge of the presenters, who have been studying and preaching about these events for many years.


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