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Reaching Hearts in Southern Asia


A Global Mission pioneer sees miracles happen as result of her prayers

July 10, 2020
/ Southern Asia
/ Laurie Falvo

Reaching Hearts in Southern Asia

[Photo Credit: Adventist Mission]

Sarah is a Global Mission pioneer who works in a large city in Southern Asia. When her husband left her four years ago, she knew she had to find a way to support herself. But she didn’t know where to look for a job.

She prayed for direction and God impressed her to share His Word with the people living around her.

Sarah began visiting her neighbors in their homes. “I prayed for the sick, and they got well,” she said. “I prayed for those who had evil spirits, and the spirits went away. I prayed for those who couldn’t have children, and they were able to start a family.”

Some people were happy for Sarah to visit them, but others didn’t like someone coming to their home. One day, Sarah visited a family who was worshiping a god. They demanded that she join their worship, but she refused. Angry, a young woman plunged Sarah’s hand into a pot of boiling oil.

“I prayed,” says Sarah, “and when I removed my hand from the oil, it wasn’t burned at all.”

The next day, the father of the young woman called Sarah to apologize. He told her that he had punished his daughter and asked Sarah to pray for his family. Sarah was happy to uplift this family in prayer.

“Now they are changed,” Sarah says. “They have accepted God, and they worship with us in our church.”

There were five families who witnessed Sarah escape serious injury that day. They were amazed, and they too have requested her prayers.

When the local Adventist Church pastor learned about Sarah’s miraculous experience, he told her, “You need to work for God.” He offered her a position as a Global Mission pioneer, and Sarah eagerly accepted it.

Every day for the past four years, Sarah has continued to visit families in her community. She prays with them and shares literature about Jesus. On Sabbaths, she invites a group of women to worship in her home. Every Wednesday, she hosts a Bible study.

There are many widows and orphans in her city, and Sarah does all she can to meet their spiritual and physical needs. She often buys the women saris or food for their families. “As a pioneer, it’s not only about prayer or just going to their houses,” she says. “If I have extra clothes, I want to clothe them. If they need food, I will feed them. It’s my duty.”

Sarah is no longer worried that her husband abandoned her. “After he left, God has given me more strength so that I can preach the gospel and tell people that He is coming soon,” she says. “He is taking care of me.”

Sarah asks that you pray for the people of her city. “I want them to be ready for the second coming,” she says. “I also want to appeal to everyone to be an example to others and serve them wholeheartedly.”

Sarah has found her greatest joy in being a Global Mission pioneer. “I’m happy, and I’m willing to serve God as long as I’m alive.”

Please pray for Sarah and all our Global Mission pioneers around the world who are living sacrificially to share the good news of Jesus’s love and soon return.

This article was originally published on the Adventist Mission’s website


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