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Revelation Today: Mysteries Revealed begins Oct. 9


by Scott Steward
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Pastor John Bradshaw, Speaker/Director of It Is Written, will host “Revelation Today—The Mysteries Revealed,” an interactive exploration of the Bible’s book of Revelation. The series will broadcast nightly from October 9 to 31, except Mondays and Thursdays, live from in Chattanooga, Tennessee, from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. ET at RevelationToday.com and on Hope Channel. For additional convenience, the program can also be rebroadcast through RevelationToday.com at any time.
Bradshaw and a variety of guest experts will cover hot topics like terrorism, the economy, religious confusion, end-time prophecy, life after death, and many other issues on people’s minds today.
The global audience is encouraged to participate by way of a new cross-platform smartphone app that will facilitate interaction between viewers and Bradshaw. For example Bradshaw may interview an archeologist via video chat during the program. A viewer could use the app to ask a question in the middle of the presentation, or participate in a survey, and receive an answer or see results during the program. The app is available free through Apple’s and Google’s app stores.
The app also allows people to connect with local churches, or each other, for further conversations, study, or to request baptism. Likewise, host sites could find participants to offer them additional hospitality and ministry. To register as a host site, visit RevelationToday.com/host.
“This is such an important and exciting time for revitalizing the church’s evangelistic efforts. We hope every congregation, and possibly every member, will utilize these resources to show the program and offer local hospitality,” adds Bradshaw. “And with Hope Channel carrying it live, and re-airing it at different times, hosts will have a variety of times during which they can open their homes or churches to accommodate viewers’ schedules. Plus, with the app and website, programs can be viewed anytime after the original live broadcast.” 
To learn more about “Revelation Today—The Mysteries Revealed,” visit RevelationToday.com.

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