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Revelation Today: Mysteries Revealed – Update


By Ellen Metcalf, Development Director, It Is Written
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Pastor John Bradshaw speaks to a packed house during the live-streamed Revelation Today Series. [Photo by Cody McCabe]

Revelation Today – the Mysteries Revealed reaches thousands opening weekend. The series began Friday evening, October 9th at the ICCM Center in Chattanooga Tennessee. Pastor John Bradshaw opened the three-week Bible study series with the topic, Can God Be Trusted?
It Is Written, on the 20th anniversary of Net ’95, is blazing new territory again. For the first time in It Is Written’s history, Revelation Today is live streamed on the Revelation Today website and the Revelation Today app for iPhone and Android. Churches around the country are streaming the series for their local communities. The series is being viewed in countries all over the world including Kenya, Korea, Norway, Indonesia, Barbados, and Australia.
In addition to live streaming, the meetings are aired live on the Hope Channel each night at 7:00pm EDT. It is thrilling to see and hear the response after just the first few days. Stories of decisions for Jesus are already coming in. After the third night, a 97 year old avowed atheist made his decision to accept Christ. And this story is just the beginning.
“It is truly inspiring to see how God is reaching people all around the globe through the technology available to us,” said Pastor John Bradshaw. “We are seeing lives changed for eternity.”
Each night, It Is Written is utilizing technology to engage the audience. Several hundred people responded to Saturday night’s electronic poll question that asked, “When Do You Believe Jesus will Return?” The responses came in within minutes; 54% stated that they believe Jesus will return within the next five years.
Viewers are also submitting their Bible questions and receiving answers at the event. Each night, Pastor Bradshaw takes video and social media questions throughout the program from viewers around the world.  Questioners have asked about the recent ‘blood moon’ and why God allows suffering. At the end of each evening, the audience is able to respond to Pastor Bradshaw’s appeal electronically and order the related It Is Written Bible Study Guide online through the app.
But technology is not the only thing that sets this series apart. At the nightly events, Pastor John Bradshaw has enlisted the expertise of others to augment his messages. On night one, when he shared the validity of the Bible, Pastor Bradshaw interviewed archaeologist Dr. Michael Hasel of Southern Adventist University, to explain how history proves that the Bible is true. On night two, Pastor Bradshaw interviewed Police Captain McPherson who was a key member of the unit who responded to the recent Chattanooga shootings.
“I’m excited to involve these experts in our series, Pastor Bradshaw explained. “They engage the audience and help solidify the Bible truths we are sharing.”
It’s not too late to get involved. The series continues through October 31st. Download the app, Revelation Today or tune in online at RevelationToday.com. The series airs nightly (except Monday and Thursday) at 4:00pm and 7:00pm EDT.

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