Scottish Mission Youth Day of Fellowship


15th March 2019

On the 17th February 2019, Adventist youth from around Scotland gathered together for the Scottish Mission’s, Youth Day of Fellowship. The Dundee Seventh Day Adventist Church was filled with youth from Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Irvine, Crieff, Dundee, and the surrounding branch churches. Old friends were joyfully reunited and new friendships were formed. The congregation was divided into three groups, as the day began with bible study and discussions. Special items from a range of churches were gladly received. The youth choir from Dundee church sung a moving rendition of ‘My Only Hope’, with a lead solo by 13 year old Jeffery Addai-Peprah. The song reminded us all that our only hope, joy and peace is found in Jesus. It was followed by a hearty ‘amen’ from the congregation!1vS8kqMA

The sound of a full and youthful congregation could be heard during song service. With laughter and emotion, Pastor Dejan Stojkovic (SEC Youth Ministries Director) led out in the sermon and urged the congregation to keep focused on God, keep fighting the good fight and to remember heaven and home. Pastor Stojkovic had travelled from Southern England to preach for the day. Everyone was happy to hear that he had successfully recovered from a short bout of ill health, in time to preach! It was also good to know, that he hadn’t quiet been at deaths door, as jovially suggested in the introduction by Adrian (from Irvine Church)!

Pastor DejanPastor Tompkins, the Scottish Mission President and Pastor Popescu, the Scottish Mission Youth Sponsor, were also present during the day. They engaged with everyone and ensured the day ran smoothly. After the service ended, everyone moved into the church hall, to fellowship together, over lunch. It was clear, that whilst the Scottish Mission Youth are not yet vast in size, they are a tight knit, dedicated group of young people who have grown together over the years.


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