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Seventh-day Adventist network in Chile airs first season of “On the Gospel Route” :Adventist News Online

Seventh-day Adventist network in Chile airs first season of "On the Gospel Route"

Jun 17, 2020  |  Santiago, Chile  | 

Seventh-day Adventist network in Chile airs first season of "On the Gospel Route"

Recording on the Big Island of Chiloé for the program “En la Ruta del Evangelio”. [Photo Credit: Nicolás Aros]

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After 126 years in the Republic of Chile, the Seventh-day Adventist Church is known—there are 104,000 members in a nation of approximately 19 million people—but its multifaceted work in sharing the Gospel could be better understood. A just-concluded series of programs for church-owned Nuevo Tempo Network was produced to do just that.

“On the Gospel Route” concluded its first season of 24 episodes. The goal was to publicize the work carried out by the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Chile, through different institutions, and even recruit volunteers to help in the Church’s social promotes.

“The objective is mainly to demonstrate that our Church here in Chile has different organizations that help people at all levels, that constantly do missionary work, and bring the gospel to the people who need it most,”  said Claudio Johnson, the series’ director.

Producer Camila Fuentes also noted the program’s spiritual purpose: “The goal is to be able to show Christ, to show how Christ worked to help those in need, to show them a God who loves him, a God who was able to meet their needs, and the deliver the good news of the Gospel. ”

From the north to the south of Chile, the production team has experienced true selfless service, managing recording actual instances of Church members employing Christ’s method of outreach. The show’s team experienced extreme situations, such as those of the Social Medical Operation (OPSO), where it was possible to help and get close to the reality of dozens of families.

Fuentes recalled, “We saw very beautiful moments, very gratifying, but also very extreme. One of those I remember is the Social Medical Operation, people who work in the high mountain areas, with fewer resources and even a lack of electricity or drinking water,” she said. “We saw people who didn’t even have a bed to sleep in, the children didn’t have a toy, they didn’t know what a toy was. It was nice to be able to help these people We showed them a God who loves them and is concerned about them. ”

For the second season, producers hope many more people will be inspired to become involved in the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s volunteer projects, and thus help with Gospel outreach.


This article was originally published on the South American Division’s Spanish site 



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