Significant elements line up for positive financial report


abr 15 2018
Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

Significant elements line up for positive financial report

Juan Prestol-Puesan, Treasurer of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, presents the financial report during the Spring Meeting of the General Conference Executive Committee in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church posted a financial gain in 2017 of US $1.6 million, highlighted treasury leaders of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (GC) on the opening day of the Spring Meeting of the GC Executive Committee, one of the business meetings of the world church governing body. In a year with financial challenges on several fronts, the Church thrived thanks to the faithfulness of its members, leaders said. 

“Twice last year we pointed to the fact that in order to reach a break-even level in our operations five variables would need to be on our side, to make the end result positive,” said world church treasurer Juan Prestol-Puesán. “I am pleased to report that all five came together making our report today a positive one.”

The five elements referenced by Prestol-Puesán include a positive US market, a tithe increase in the North-American Division church region, and steady exchange rates in major foreign currencies. It also included an intentional focus on fiscal discipline (i.e., holding expenditures down) and maintaining an adequate liquidity level. 

Financial Markets, Tithes, Expenses, and Giving Patterns

Prestol-Puesán highlighted specific areas where church finances did well last fiscal year. “Two thousand and seventeen was a positive year for the church’s investments,” he said. The value of church investments increased almost $8 million more than a year before. While markets underwent a series of corrections beginning in February 2018, he said prospects for this year remain positive.

Tithe from the North American Division (NAD) region increased more than $18 million, to $1.02 billion, shared Prestol-Puesán. The NAD portion is a sizable part of world church total tithe, which in 2017 reached $2.44 billion.


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