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Single ladies empowered and uplifted


Singing during the single ladies program.

Single ladies and teenage girls were the focus of a special weekend in Solomon Islands earlier this month hosted by Adventist women’s ministries.

On the Friday evening about 80 young women attended a single ladies event, which continued on the Sabbath when the number of attendees rose to more than 100. Workshops were designed to uplift, nurture and empower the young women, and focused on areas like self-esteem and spiritual gifts.

Presenter Erna Johnson, former South Pacific Division (SPD) women’s ministries leader, said the event was the first of its kind for the SPD.

Erna Johnson presenting during the weekend.

“We had only one day and an evening but during that time we were able to bless, uplift, empower and encourage our young women from mostly the Honiara region, although we did have a few teachers come to Honiara from the outer islands just for this,” Mrs Johnson said.

Two of the attendees were from non-Adventist backgrounds, including an Anglican Church leader who expressed her appreciation for what Adventists are doing for women in the Solomons.

Danijela Schubert with Loanne Liligeto (left) and Laurel R Tasa.

The following day, more than 100 girls aged 13 to 19 attended “Real Me”, a program that covers issues relevant to teenage girls. Mrs Johnson presented some sessions, along with current SPD women’s ministries leader Danijela Schubert and Solomons women’s ministries leader Beverly Maega. Counsellors were on hand to help the girls through the activities.

“The girls had wonderful counsellors at their tables who were right there with the girls in everything that happened,” Mrs Johnson said.

“At the end of each session, they prayed with the girls and during the activities for each session, they walked around the tables and helped and encouraged the girls in everything.”

Prayer during the Real Me program.

Dr Schubert said there were two ladies observing the program who are now keen to share the teen program in their local communities.

“This is what you want, you want it to go further,” she said.

Mrs Johnson said the “Real” series has been a blessing to teenage girls throughout the SPD and she is encouraging women’s ministries departments around the world to use the resource as a way to make a difference in young lives.

“The testimonies we hear at the end of each of the programs tell the story,” she said.

Dr Schubert said she would like to see a similar program developed for teenage boys.

Attendees at the single ladies program.

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