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Six students baptised in Solomon Islands


The six baptismal candidates with college chaplain Pastor Bronson Pellington.

Kukudu Adventist College (Solomon Islands) is rejoicing following the baptism of six students this past Sabbath (November 10).

After recently making a decision to be baptised, senior student Prisca Diana asked for the service to take place before she finished school. As this was her final week of examinations, principal Dapikana Ripo and chaplain Pastor Broson Pellington acted quickly to prepare for her baptism.

“We made an announcement after vespers on Friday night about the extraordinary baptism for Prisca and we made an appeal to students in case one or two might want to be baptised with Prisca. Praise God, four other girls decided to go with Prisca into the waters of baptism the next day,” Mr Ripo said.

Prisca Diana.

On Sabbath they were surprised to see that the number had increased to six baptismal candidates, after Charina Cheon, a Form Two student, decided to be baptised. It was not an easy decision for Charina, who is from a non-Adventist background and her baptism was against the wishes of her parents and other family members.

Mr Ripo said Charina’s situation is not an isolated case as there are a number of Kukudu students whose parents are stopping them from being baptised.

“Please pray for us and pray for these students who are currently having difficulties in paying their school fees since their parents did not want to pay their fees because they disobeyed them in baptising into the Adventist faith,” he said.

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