SPD scholars contribute to International Bible Conference

General Conference President Ted Wilson speaks to the delegates.

More than 360 Seventh-day Adventist theologians, college and university professors, and Church administrators convened in Rome, Italy, from June 11-21, for the fourth International Bible Conference (IBC).

The gathering, which takes place every five years, seeks to explore a chosen theme associated with theological studies through the presentation of papers, discussion panels and professional networking.

In Rome, the chosen theme was eschatology, a word that literally means “the teaching of the last things” and describes the study of last-day events and associated subjects.

According to South Pacific Division president, Pastor Glenn Townend, the theme was topical and an important one for the Church at this time.

“Adventist is in our name—it focuses on the return of Jesus Christ to the world. This is our hope,” he said.

“Seventh-day Adventists believe that prophecy is fulfilled in history. However, we need to be certain and not speculative in our understanding of Scripture and the end time. This conference provided a good balance on these issues.”

Plenary presentations began with Angel Rodriguez, former Biblical Research Institute director, providing insight into the intersection of Adventist theology and eschatology in general.

At least 12 delegates from the South Pacific Division attended the conference, presented on various topics and moderated some of the sessions. There were representatives from Avondale College of Higher Education (NSW), Pacific Adventist University (Papua New Guinea), Sonoma, Fulton (Fiji) and Mamarapha (WA).

Dr John Skrzypaszek, director of the Ellen G White Research Centre, presented on “The Visionary Purpose of the Prophetic Voice in the Context of the Seventh-day Adventist Eschatology”.

“Participation in this conference gave me the opportunity to explore, review and revive my conviction about Christ’s promised return and its relation to life during the time of waiting,” he said.


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