Stanborough Park Church Member Receives Prestigious Award from Local Council


15th March 2019

When a ball starts rolling it can sometimes end up somewhere unexpected. That is certainly the case with Stanborough Park’s Enoch Kanageraj when he set up the Community Chaplaincy Service at the church. His aim of raising the church’s profile in the community and 84031establishing and meeting local needs not only got off to a good start but also led to unexpected developments with him being appointed to the Watford Football Club’s External Advisory Group, which deals with diversity issues, and receiving a prestigious annual award from Watford Borough Council for his involvement with the community.

84030As a first attempt to engage with the wider community the Annual Christmas Picture Competition was established enabling local schoolchildren to submit their artwork on a Christmas theme. This competition has proved to be popular with all sections of the community Christian or otherwise and has just held its fifth prize-giving event.

In 2018 Enoch was encouraged by then church minister, Pastor Jacques Venter, to take this a stage further and bring local community groups into the church to explain how they operated and seek support. This led to Community Days being established at the church with representatives from various organisations, including the local women’s groups, charities for the homeless, The Red Box Project and the local police, giving presentations and displays.

Around the same time, Enoch’s Co-op store where he works became part of the company’s Foodshare scheme whereby food past its ‘sell by’ date and unable to be sold is collected by local charity schemes to feed the needy. One local recipient was Annette Kelly who was running the ‘Gokula’ cafe in central Watford on a ‘pay as much as you can afford’ basis with free food for the local homeless population on Mondays. Through her Enoch also came into contact with others helping the local homeless population.


  1. I’m so with this!!! Praise God!!! Community Engagement is foundational to sharing Christ. Without relationship there is no sharing.


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