“TalenTED” – ‘Vision’ Music Contest


7 January 2021 | St. Albans, UK [Paul Lockham]  

‘Vision’ Music Contest, organised by the Trans-European Division’s Youth Ministries department, provided an opportunity for youth around the Division to start the New Year in an atmosphere of joy, celebration, togetherness, and hope. The programme was broadcast live on New Year’s Eve on both the TED YouTube channel and Youth Ministries Facebook page.

The programme started with a lively rendition of ‘Mary, did you know?’ by ACT-J from Scotland, one of the fifteen countries that participated in the contest.

Despite a slight glitch with the YouTube channel at the start of the broadcast, the audience rapidly grew to over 400 across the two platforms. Although the audience was expected to mainly come from the participating countries, there were visitors from Brazil, Mexico, Germany, and Chile to name but a few. 

The host for the evening – Pastor Dejan Stojković, British Union Conference Youth Ministries director – introduced each of the songs and entertained the audience throughout the programme sharing a few facts about each of the countries.

The audience were also reminded on how to vote for their favourite songs using the live.voxvote.com platform and chats on both platforms enabled participants to post New Year’s greetings, give thanks for the songs presented, encourage others to vote for a particular favourite, and cheer the submissions.

The fifteen entries were varied and three of them had been written specifically for the contest: ‘You lift me up’ by Leo Lammi from Finland, ‘Here in Norway’ by Natanya Lundstom from Norway, ‘I surrender all’ by Leandra van Ommeren from the Netherlands. It was evident from comments in the chat that these three songs appealed to the audience in a special way. However, other entries were very much appreciated as evidenced by the following comment from one of the chats, “Every song and country has its own charm.” Just looking at the list of entries and listening to the music from these different countries* makes it clear that the youth of the Division are “talenTED”!


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