Ted Wilson shares Bible tips with Pakistani Minister


The passage comes from Ellen White’s book “Gospel Workers,” page 352. 

Wilson challenged church members to think carefully about how they spend time and where they focus their attention.

“Sometimes church members spend a lot of time writing angry emails to church leaders,” he said. “Sometimes they even go to court against the church. The devil loves that. He wants to distract Adventists from the mission of the church.”

No Angry Emails From Jesus

He noted that Jesus never sent an angry email. 

“He died naked on the cross for you and for me,” he said. “And He tells us, ‘Follow Me.’ If He suffered, you might suffer. You might have trials. But don’t be part of the problem. Be part of the solution.”

“Don’t be distracted,” he said. “Shine like a candle for Jesus.”

Wilson also directed church members to focus on the church’s mission of proclaiming Jesus’ soon coming in speaking to a crowd of several thousand people for the Sabbath worship service at Pakistan Adventist Seminary and College on June 8 and to about 2,500 people gathered in an enormous white tent outside Karachi Adventist Hospital on the evening of June 9.

“We are not here to fight for position,” Wilson told the tent meeting. “We are not here to fight among ourselves. We are here to prefer others before ourselves.”

Many hands went up in the crowd when Wilson asked listeners to commit to keeping their eyes on Jesus and to sharing Him with others.

“You are the best sermon that can ever be preached in Karachi,” Wilson said. “God is calling you to be part of the wonderful proclamation that God has provided a way through Jesus for salvation. Jesus is coming soon to take us home.”




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