Ted Wilson touts Total Member Involvement to Malawi’s president

Ted Wilson touts Total Member Involvement to Malawi’s president
Ted Wilson touts Total Member Involvement to Malawi’s president

If anyone in Malawi had never heard of Total Member Involvement, there was a good chance that they had learned about the Seventh-day Adventist initiative by the end of a whirlwind visit by church president Ted N.C. Wilson.

Wilson emphasized Total Member Involvement, or TMI, at a meeting with Malawi’s president, during talks with the mayor of Malawi’s national capital, and in a Sabbath sermon attended 40,000 people in the country’s largest stadium. 

Thousands more Malawians heard about the initiative, which calls for everyone to do something for Jesus, through live broadcasts of Wilson’s sermon on four national television channels and four radio stations and widespread coverage of his activities in major newspapers.

Wilson’s four-day visit, which ended Feb. 10, put a national spotlight on church efforts to assist society and encouraged Malawi’s nearly 600,000 Adventists to step up TMI outreach to proclaim Jesus’ soon coming, said Frackson Kuyama, leader of the Adventist Church in Malawi.

“His coming was a blessing not only to the church but to the whole country,” said Kuyama, president of the Malawi Union Conference.

Wilson, who is partway through a three-week pastoral trip to five countries, began his trip to Malawi with an hourlong meeting with President Arthur Peter Mutharika in Kamuzu Palace in the capital, Lilongwe, on Feb. 7. Seated with a small delegation of local and regional church leaders, Wilson described Malawian Adventists’ commitment to serving others physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually — the four key areas of TMI.

“We really are trying to follow in the footsteps of Jesus,” Wilson said.

Mutharika spoke warmly about the Adventist Church and underscored his own love for Christ.

“I am here to serve God because I serve the people,” he said, reading from prepared remarks.

He also read two Bible verses, Psalm 119:105 and James 4:7.

With his consent, Wilson shared two Bible verses as well — Nahum 1:7 and James 1:5 — and prayed for him, the government, and Malawi and its predominantly Christian population of 18.5 million.


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