Ted Wilson touts Total Member Involvement to Malawi’s president


In Malawi, Wilson’s visit received extensive coverage in the media, and large throngs of people followed him wherever he went. 

Solomon Maphosa, president of the Adventist Church’s Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division, who accompanied Wilson, said he was impressed with the large turnouts and the relevancy of Wilson’s message.

“I can’t remember a place where he spoke and didn’t mention the three angels’ messages,” he said. “If we don’t talk about it, who will?” 

In an indication of the far-reaching impact of the message, it resurfaced on a cake at Lake Malawi. A chef at a lake-side hotel, nearly a two-hour drive east of Lilongwe, made a cake in the shape of a black Bible with red-edged pages. On top, he piped the words, “Matthew 14:14,” in blue icing. 

The chef, Kapina Moyo, presented the cake to Wilson and other visiting church leaders as their trip to Malawi came to a close.

“I was touched while watching the sermon on television,” said Moyo, who belongs to another Christian denomination. “So I decided to bake a cake.”


This article was originally published on the Adventist Mission’s website




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