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The Desmond Doss Council Produces Bible Study Booklet; Dick Stenbakken Author


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The Desmond Doss Council produced and is mailing an exciting Bible study booklet to all Seventh-day Adventist churches in North America as an opportunity to follow up on the Hollywood movie, "Hacksaw Ridge," about Desmond Doss and his heroism on Okinawa, Japan. Beyond Hacksaw Ridge: An Order of Battle, is an easy-to-read, 32-page study guide with unique WWII stories that capture interest, then lead into an easy-to-follow Bible study with follow-up discussion questions for use by individuals or groups.
The Doss Council asked Dick Stenbakken, Ed.D., to author the booklet. Stenbakken served 24 years on active duty as an Army Chaplain, retiring as a full Colonel. His experiences in the Army included a year of combat in Vietnam, assignment at the Army Chief of Chaplain’s office (in charge of marriage and family life ministries for the Army), and as the 4th Infantry Division Chaplain. Following his military career he served as director of Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries at the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. He is well acquainted with both military and Bible materials.
In writing the booklet, Stenbakken’s goal was to prepare materials that would catch and hold interest while at the same time be very user-friendly. "What I intended to do is a presentation of Christianity 101 with the assumption that many people who will see the movie might have limited, if any, exposure to the Bible. The goal is to engage readers with the WWII stories, then transition into biblical materials that are applicable to every day life," he said. 
There are eight studies in the booklet. Two tear-out response cards for the Discover Bible Course will be included. Sample booklets and suggestions on how to do a follow-up program using the Desmond Doss documentary, the new booklet, and other materials will be in the mail soon, according to the Doss Council. The booklet is described as a timely, easy, and inexpensive outreach item.
The booklet will provide a simple and comfortable way to contact friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others and invite them to local showings of the Desmond Doss documentary, "The Conscientious Objector." Inviting people to see the award-winning documentary will help people see the story behind the movie "Hacksaw Ridge," and to get to know Desmond Doss through interviews and with some of those he saved on Hacksaw Ridge.
"The film and documentary provide a unique opportunity to reach out to our local communities with compelling stories and materials," said Stenbakken.

— Click here for more information about the Beyond Hacksaw Ridge: An Order of Battle booklet.

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