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Together with the Pathfinders, the author gives a missionary book in Brazil


About 100,000 copies of the work that contains guidelines to strengthen family ties will be delivered

January 22, 2019
/ Sao Paulo, Brazil
/ Lucas Rocha/ ANN Staff

Together with the Pathfinders, the author gives a missionary book in Brazil

[Photo courtesy of the South American Communication Department]

Camporee gives Pathfinders many learning opportunities and is the perfect place for them to share what they’ve learned with the community around them. This is just what club members from Brazil and Chile did on Thursday, January 10, as they handed out copies of the book Hope for the Family: The Road to a Happy Ending, in the town of Barretos. Co-author of the book Pastor Willie Oliver, who with his wife, Elaine, directs Family Life Ministries for the Adventist World Church, accompanied them. During the two rallies of the South American Camporee, participants hope to distribute 100 thousand copies of the work, which has a cover especially designed for Barretos residents.

Around 10 o’clock in the morning, four buses parked on a quiet street. A trio of neighbors talked, as usual, on a sofa strategically placed in a place on the sidewalk to take advantage of the shade of a tree for the most part of the day. This has been their practice for the past 13 years.  

After a few minutes, two Chilean club members, accompanied by Oliver and Pastor Alacy Barbosa, director of Family Ministries for eight South American countries, approached these three ladies. Barbosa, the only one of the group that spoke Portuguese, made a quick presentation of the book and the project, then handed copies to each of the three ladies, who promised to read it.

"The family is especially loved in the lives of people. All we have is the family. It was a joy to receive this book, "says Maria Aparecida dos Santos, 53 years old. She did not know the young people, but praised them for their attitude and delivering books for free.

"At present, families have many needs. Most people have needs for lack of knowledge, and we have a secure source that shows us the way to build a healthy family, which is the Bible. This book presents the same principles," shares Barbosa.

"When we as an Adventist Church develop dynamics to improve the lives of families, we are saying that we want a healthier, stronger society," says Oliver. "When this happens, parents and children approach. The more they are together, the stronger the relationship between them."

For Nayele Ribeiro, 13, it is a privilege to be able to contribute. "The best thing is that books can help people to know Jesus," she says, accompanied by her two friends. The trio already participated in the distribution on three previous occasions, all with the club in the interior of Pará. 

Service for the community

In addition to delivering books, Pathfinders invited the community to participate in health fairs that will present health and wellness information. On six different dates, in six different areas of the city,  blood pressure checks, blood glucose tests, massages, and guidance on healthy lifestyle will be offered.

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