Unexpected pregnancy changes Polish Mother’s heart


In a surprise, two sons arrive in her home

July 20, 2019
/ Silver Spring, Maryland, United States
/ Andrew McChesney, Adventist Mission

Unexpected pregnancy changes Polish Mother’s heart[Photo Credit: Andrew McChesney/Adventist Mission]

Halina Pastuszko decided that she didn’t want any more children after giving birth to a third daughter in Poland.

But she learned at the age of 42, the same year that her first grandchild was born, that she was five months pregnant.

The pregnancy alarmed the physician, and he warned that the child might be born disabled because of Halina’s age. Poland lacked facilities to raise disabled children at the time.

The physician suggested an abortion and gave Halina the telephone number for a doctor who could perform the procedure.

From home, Halina tried to call for an appointment, but she got no answer. Giving up, she returned to work as an accountant for a city housing department in Rumia.

Meanwhile, her husband, Władysław, learned from a daughter that his wife had tried to call the abortion doctor, and he rushed to her workplace.

“This is my decision,” Halina said. “I want to have an abortion.”

Falling to his knees, Władysław pleaded, “Please, don’t do it.”

Halina asked whether he would leave her if she had the abortion.

“No,” he said. “No matter what happens, I will never leave you.”

Halina’s heart was touched.

“OK, let’s have this child,” she said.

Adam, a healthy baby boy, was born three and a half months later. For the first time, Halina realized people can be wrong no matter how strong their opinions. If God wants to accomplish something, He will fulfill His plans.

Halina began to wonder why her husband attended a Seventh-day Adventist church. She hadn’t thought much about God in Communist-era Poland. But now she felt grateful for her healthy baby and wanted to do something good for God. She decided to become an Adventist.


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